Mail merge

How to Email Single Attachments Using Mail Merge for Gmail

gmail Direct mail is a perfect tool for sending personalized emails to one or more email addresses using a simple Google Spreadsheet. If you have never done a merge before, please watch the Direct Mail Tutorial and Documentation to start. One of the most popular features of Mail Merge is its unique ability to send […]

Mail app

Windows 10’s Mail app now gets Targeted Inbox and Calendar improvements

Microsoft is today updating its Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 with some features that the company uses in its mobile apps. The biggest addition is Focused Inbox, a feature that was first available on Outlook for iOS and Android. In Windows 10, Focused Inbox allows you to separate an inbox into two sections […]

Mail app

How to Stop Your Mac’s Mail App From Wasting Gigabytes of Space

Using Apple’s Mail app on a Mac? You may be wasting gigabytes of space on attachments that you could put to better use. Here’s what you can do about it. First, check how much space Mail is using By default, the Mail app wants to cache every email and attachment you received offline. It could […]