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How to Customize Swipe Gestures in the iOS Mail App

Swiping left and right on your emails in the iOS Mail app gives you several quick actions. If you want to customize these actions, read this handy tip. In iOS 8, Apple introduced swipe gestures to Mail, allowing users to swipe left or right on a message to get various options for managing the message. […]

Mail merge

Mail Merge for Gmail – Privacy Policy

The Mail Merge add-on requires you to grant permissions to several services associated with your Google Account. It uses the simple and secure OAuth 2 protocol to obtain data from the user’s Google account and does not have access to your account password. Here is a summary of the permissions required by the add-on and […]

Mail app

Apple and Microsoft are working to fix iOS 11 mail app issues with, Office 365 and Exchange accounts

Apple says it’s working closely with Microsoft to fix an issue that’s preventing, Office 365, and Exchange 2016 account holders from sending or replying to emails using Apple’s native Mail app. Apple in iOS 11. Apple released a support document on Tuesday, September 19 – the official launch date of iOS 11 – to […]