Mail server

Critical bug found in popular mail server software

If exploited, Exim security flaw could allow attackers to run arbitrary commands on vulnerable mail servers Exim, the popular mail transfer agent (MTA) software, contains a critical-rated vulnerability that can, in certain scenarios, allow remote attackers to execute commands of their choosing on unpatched mail servers. discovered by Qualys researchers. Tracked under CVE-2019-10149, the remote […]

Mail server

Millions of machines affected by a command execution flaw in the Exim mail server

Millions of Internet-connected machines running the open-source Exim mail server may be vulnerable to a recently disclosed vulnerability that, in some cases, allows unauthenticated attackers to run commands with almighty root privileges. The flaw, which dates back to version 4.87 released in April 2016, is trivially exploitable by local users with a low-privilege account on […]

Mail app

How to Uninstall Mail App in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a Mail app when you install Windows 10. It is one of the essential apps that Microsoft introduces as part of the operating system. However, many use the browser to check emails or even a third-party email client. The app becomes useless if you don’t use it. In this article, we are […]