Mail merge

How to do a mail merge in Microsoft Word

You already know and love or hate Microsoft Word. Writing your letters is easy, but with just a little help it can also be easy to complete more advanced tasks. With direct mail, you can easily print or email forms to multiple recipients. Here’s a quick guide to get you sending emails in minutes. Read […]

Mail server

Qualys Reveals Critical OpenBSD Mail Server Security Vulnerability

Qualys Research Labs this week revealed a security flaw in the OpenSMTPD mail server used in the OpenBSD operating system that allows a cyberattacker to execute arbitrary shell commands with elevated root-level privileges. Jimmy Graham, senior director of product management for Qualys, said the OpenBSD flaw is serious enough to warrant an immediate fix that […]

Mail app

iOS 13 improved Apple’s Mail app and we love all the new options

Apple fans love the operating system created to make everyday life a little more exciting. They can connect all their devices to pick up where they left off, use them for work or school projects, and of course, for entertainment. Everything from Macbooks to Apple Watches has plenty of native apps to help you be […]

Mail merge

How to create a mail merge with Gmail and Google Sheets

Mail Merge for Gmail lets you send personalized emails to multiple contacts at once. Individual messages have almost the same content but some parts of the message can be personalized. For example, you can greet each recipient by their first name, you can include their mailing address in the message body, customize the subject line, […]