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Top 8 Fixes When Mail App Closes Unexpectedly on Mac

The default Mail app on Mac got a much-needed overhaul with the macOS Big Sur update. In addition to aesthetics, the Mail app has a few downsides. One such annoyance is that the Mail app closes unexpectedly in the middle of work. Even if you occasionally use the Mail app, random crashes should be fixed. […]

Mail app

How to Disable AutoCorrect or Spell Check in Windows 10 Mail App

The Windows 10 Mail app is an easy way to access your mail to send and receive emails from recipients and receive a notification that you’ve received an email. Although the Windows 10 app’s AutoCorrect and Spell Check features help you with your grammar, you can turn them off. Some users will want to turn […]

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21 Exim Mail Server Vulnerabilities Leave Web and Cloud Operations Exposed

Promotional article published by Digital Equipment Corporation to promote the UNIX operating system. Twenty-one vulnerabilities have been discovered in Exim Internet Mailer, a popular mail transfer agent (MTA) available for major Unix-like operating systems. (KHanger/CC BY 3.0/ Researchers released a study on Tuesday that found 21 unique vulnerabilities in the Exim mail server, some of […]