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2023: Vote for candidates with track records, allocate candidate tasks to young people

  • Nigeria’s younger generation can actively participate in the country’s political process through the Not Too Young to Run Bill.
  • The bill signed by President Muhammadu Buhari has paved the way for an unprecedented surge of youth candidates ahead of 2023.
  • A young presidential candidate advised young people to seize the opportunity offered by the new law by installing one of their own as president

FCT, Abuja – Nigerian youth have been urged to elect leaders who can help them maximize their potential in a country that has fewer and fewer opportunities to thrive as the stage prepares for the 2023 general elections.

This is the view of the Accord presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen, who insists that there can be no better time than now for generational change to occur in Nigerian politics.

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Professor Imumolen, 39, says he is the face and voice of young people ahead of the 2023 presidential contest. Photo credit: Accord Party
Source: Facebook

Prof Imumolen, 39, speaking at a recent forum in Abuja, told the youngsters that they could use the two powerful weapons of unity and numerical strength to good effect in their desire to see that ‘they install a president who is not only young, but energetic. and empathetic.

His words:

“With my background of service to Nigerians including youth at different levels and abilities; where we solved problems at the micro and macro levels, touching lives, providing scholarships and empowering women and farmers.

“I think I am eminently qualified to administer the affairs of this country if the people give me the mandate.

“How to know a leader who solves problems and is committed to the well-being of the people is not rocket science. It is convincing. Leadership is the things you do to positively impact the lives of the common man.

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“That’s why I’m usually unperturbed when people tell me I lack leadership experience because I’ve never held political office before.

“But tell me, what was Nelson Mandela’s experience before becoming president of a post-apartheid South Africa?

“Yet Mandela was a far better leader than any who came before him because he was driven by one thing: a passion to see a better life for the people of his country.

“It is the same passion that motivates me. I want to see a better Nigeria where things work, where things will be done differently.

Strategy, not noise, will win me 2023 presidency, says Imumolen

Recall that Imumolen recently said that he will depend on a well-articulated strategy to win the 2023 presidential election.

The Accord Party presidential candidate said the strategy would focus on mobilizing Nigerians to buy into his agenda for transformation and change.

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According to him, he and his team will rather embark on such a path and no unnecessary noise on social networks.

2023: Why I refused to join APC, PDP – Professor Imumolen speaks

In a related development, Professor Imumolen revealed why he decided to join a new party other than the existing ones like the People’s Democratic Party and the Congress of All Progressives to contest the 2023 presidential election.

Professor Imumolen said he chose the Accord Party as the platform from which he would ventilate his political aspirations to give a new vision of what he thinks governance should look like.

He said the so-called major political parties that had the opportunity to rule the country throughout the life of the 4th Republic and largely failed to deliver the true dividends of democracy due to an entrenched system which seems not to work.