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4 Best Fixes for Mail App Missing Issue on iPhone and iPad

The Mail app on iPhone and iPad does not offer the superior features found in other third-party email clients such as Outlook for iOS. But it still offers a solid messaging experience and is less confusing to pick up and use. That said, what if you can’t find the Mail app in the first place?

If the Mail app disappears on your iPhone or iPad, it’s no surprise. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Maybe you uninstalled the app some time ago. Screen Time prevents it from showing up. Or it’s hidden in plain sight among other icons.

Follow the troubleshooting steps below and you’ll have the Mail app back in no time.

1. Download the Mail app via the App Store

Starting from iOS 10, you can easily delete native apps on iPhone and iPad. So if you’ve switched to another email client previously, you’ve probably ended up uninstalling the Mail app. Or you may have done this accidentally. It’s time to check if this is the case.

Start by visiting the App Store. Do a search for the Mail app. You should then see the Mail app listed at the top of the search results. If you see a cloud-shaped icon, tap it to redownload the Mail app. You can then access it after the download process is complete.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 1
Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 2

Notice an Open option next to Mail instead? Just tap on it to launch the app. But that means the app has always been hidden. See troubleshooting tips 3 and 4 for other ways to locate the Mail app. If you get a “Restrictions Enabled” message when you tap Open, skip to the next troubleshooting tip.

2. Check Screen Time Restrictions

Screen Time restrictions can also cause the Mail app to disappear. You could have blocked the Mail app to prevent someone from accessing your emails and forget everything. To check, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and iPad. Tap Screen Time, followed by Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 3
Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 4

2nd step: Tap Allowed apps. Insert your Screen Time password if prompted to continue.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 5
Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 6

If you forgot your Screen Time password, here’s what you can do to recover it.

Step 3: Enable the switch next to Mail.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 7

Return to the home screen and you’ll see the Mail app again.

To note: If someone else has imposed the Screen Time restrictions, you need to ask their permission to allow access to the Mail app.

3. Find the messaging app

The Mail app can be hidden from view, among other app icons. This is true if you have installed many apps. Or if you have a colored wallpaper that makes it difficult to detect certain icons. Worse still, you could have placed it – or accidentally dragged it – into a folder on the home screen. This will make it even more difficult to locate.

If you don’t want to spend time looking for it, use the built-in search feature of the iPhone or iPad to locate it quickly.

Start by swiping the home screen down. Type mail in search and the Mail app should appear in the search results.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 8

If the Mail app is not appearing in the search results, follow the steps below to make it appear.

Step 1: Start by visiting the iPhone/iPad Settings app. Scroll down, tap Mail, then tap Siri and search.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 9
Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 10

2nd step: Enable the switch next to Show in search.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 11

Return to the home screen. Search for the Mail app and it will show up in the results.

4. Reset Home Screen Layout

It’s not fun to use search to access the Mail app all the time. But if you also hate the idea of ​​going through multiple Home screens or folders to locate it, you can always reset your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen layout. This will place all apps in their default locations.

However, a home screen reset also causes all folders to disappear. Therefore only follow the following steps if it is really necessary.

Step 1: Open the iPhone/iPad Settings app, tap General, then tap Reset.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 12
Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 13

2nd step: Tap Reset Home Screen Layout, then tap Reset Home Screen in the confirmation box.

Missing Mail App Iphone Ipad Fix 14

Return to the home screen. You will see all apps in their default locations. Since Mail is a native app, you can find it on the main home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

The postman’s back

Have you recovered the Mail app? If you’ve followed the four tips above, then you should have. These fixes also apply to many other native apps. So the next time something goes missing (like Safari), you now know what to do.

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