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A security flaw in the Apple Mail app could have exposed your data to hackers

Apple iOS and the iPadOS Mail app had two major security flaws that could have put users at serious risk. But, the organization will finally fix the security flaws with the new update. It has been determined that this security issue was first introduced through the iOS 6 update. Many users are currently surprised and wondering about the Apple iOS security flaw and how it is going to be eliminated. If you’re wondering the same, don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Apple security flaw may have exposed user data to hackers

Apple products are sold on the basis of offering the best security to its customers and many users testify to this. However, recent news reveals that the organization may have introduced a security flaw in the Apple iOS and iPadOS Mail app since the iOS 6 update. Many believe that this flaw could have been repeatedly exploited by hackers. hackers and attackers. Nevertheless, after years of exposure to this data, Apple finally decided to fix this problem with a new update.

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It appears that Apple Inc was largely unaware of such a vulnerability until it was discovered by ZecOps, a mobile security forensics company based in San Francisco. The company discovered this issue while investigating a sophisticated cyberattack against a customer that took place in late 2019. According to ZecOps Managing Director Zuk Avraham, this vulnerability in the Apple Mail app has been exploited in at least six cybersecurity flaws that allowed hackers to access the devices of high profile targets.

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The mobile security forensics firm said it alerted Apple to the vulnerabilities in February. However, ZecOps claims that a number of users have been exposed to cyberattacks due to this Apple security flaw, the attack is called Zero-click. Both flaws have since been patched in the latest iOS 13 betas, and a fix is ​​expected to arrive in the next publicly available iOS update in iOS and iPadOS 13.4.5.

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