Mail merge

Alberta barley and wheat growers vote on potential merger

“We are confident that the convenient online format and month-long voting period will provide farmers with increased access to vote during the busy harvest season,” Sawyer said. “The commissions strongly encourage barley and wheat growers to participate in the plebiscites that will determine our future.”

In the same press release, AWC President Greg Sears says the two organizations have worked together for a few years.

“As the two commissions have operated under a joint management structure for five years, we look forward to holding the plebiscites in October so farmers can determine our future direction at this pivotal time,” Sears explained. “We encourage farmers to get involved and vote in October, even if it comes from the combine.”

Producers eligible to vote must have paid levies on wheat or barley sales for the past two years. Additional details for voting in plebiscites were as follows:

  • Farmers who grow both barley and wheat will have two votes (one for each crop)
  • Agricultural societies, cooperatives or partnerships will have one vote on behalf of their legal person
  • Alberta barley and wheat growers who have paid dues in the past two years, including those who have applied for refunds, are eligible to vote
  • During September, farmers will receive a letter from the Marketing Council and MNP with more information on the merger plebiscites.
  • During the first week of October, farmers will receive a second letter containing a voting PIN – their unique identifier for voting via the online voting platform.
  • Farmers growing both wheat and barley will only receive a letter from the Marketing Council and MNP and a voting PIN, but will be able to submit one vote for each crop.

The press release says eligible producers who did not receive their plebiscite information by mail by early September should contact the Marketing Council at 780-427-2164 or [email protected] The deadline for registration is Friday, September 16, 2022.

For more information on voting, farmers can visit the Alberta Wheat and Barley Boards‘ website.