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Anger as thug threatens to throw sister on Wolverhampton train tracks

Readers reacted angrily after a thug who violently punched his sister as she collapsed on the ground was spared jail time.

‘Drunk’ Adam Westwood verbally assaulted his vulnerable sister and claimed he would ‘throw her onto the train tracks’ when the pair got into a ‘furious’ row after a night out in a pub.

The 22-year-old punched her seven times and kicked her in the stomach as she cowered in fear on the ground outside Wolverhampton station.

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His cruel attack only ended when a hero train conductor spotted the onslaught and “bravely” intervened.

Now BirminghamLive readers have expressed their anger after Westwood walked free from court.

Elaine Griffiths said: “That sentence is absolutely disgusting.”

John Cahill commented, “The court system in this country is a joke.”

Reader Beccie Jane said it was “despicable” while Jean Kempson commented “unbelievable”.

Matthew Wallett added: “He punched his vulnerable sister seven times, kicked her in the stomach while she was on the floor and threatened a member of the public.

“I was told to take a ‘reflection course’. Don’t you just like the British legal system?”.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the siblings drank in a pub before leaving to catch a train to Wolverhampton from Birmingham New Street station on November 24 last year.

They ‘pushed and pushed’ each other as they clashed before staff were forced to separate them and order them to travel in separate cars.

Westwood’s sister was so upset she started self-harming on the train ride home, prosecutor Katie Fox told the court.

She said: “When she arrived in Wolverhampton she was very anxious not to see the defendant.

“She hid in the toilet to avoid him and checked with the train staff to make sure he was not present when she got out to catch a taxi.”

The court heard that Westwood, of Hawbush Road, Walsall, left the station but returned while his sister waited for a taxi.

He proceeded to “abuse” her, calling her a “c***”, before threatening an audience member and telling her “if you don’t fuck off, I’ll belt you too”.

The convicted burglar punched his sister seven times and kicked her in the stomach after she fell to the ground.

He also told her “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to finish you off”.

A train worker spotted the attack and shouted at Westwood “what do you think you are doing?” before the police arrived.

The hero’s ‘public spirit’ actions will now be recognized by a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service or a senior West Midlands Police officer.

Ms Fox added: ‘This is a case where he took her to the ground and continued the assault once she was on the ground.’

The Westwood victim refused to seek treatment at the scene and did not want to go to the hospital.

She suffered from a swollen skull, bruises on her elbow and arm, pain in her ribs and bumps in her head.

The woman also had a panic attack and left a footprint on her arm.

But Westwood “didn’t leave it there” and showed up at her sister’s home in Black Country around 4am.

He armed himself with a hammer and started shouting, uttering threats and banging on windows.

The defendant forced his way into the house through a bathroom window and then said “I’m going to f*****g kill you, I’m going to stab you”.

Westwood then exited the property, raising his middle finger, before officers arrested him as he walked along Lichfield Road.

Defending Andrew Wilkins said Westwood had a “long and complicated” history with his sister.

The attacker had eight previous convictions, including for common assault, burglary and criminal damage.

Mr Wilkins said: “He knows what he has done is unforgivable and he does not expect forgiveness. He has his work cut out for him.”

Recorder Nicholls said Westwood had a “chance of rehabilitation” and handed him a 12-month sentence, suspended for two years.

At sentencing, he said: “You had a furious argument with your sister. You were obviously drunk, as was she, but the fact that you were under the influence of alcohol obviously makes it worse.

“The argument started at New Street station. There was shoving, and even threats to throw her on the track, to the point that security staff had to separate you both and insist that you travel in separate cars to Wolverhampton.

“Outside the station, you attacked your sister. It was only the intervention, very courageous, of the man who put an end to the incident.”

Westwood – who appeared via video link from HMP Birmingham on January 28 – admitted to being the victim of physical attacks and fights.

He was also placed on a 21-day alcohol abstinence monitoring requirement, a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement, and was asked to participate in a reflection program.

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