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APK Download]Yahoo Introduces New Mail App for Android Go, Updates Mail Experience for Mobile Web

Yahoo may be the fuzzy ghost of what it once was, but there’s no denying that millions of people still rely on their Yahoo email addresses as a means of communication. For these users and the millions of potential new users who may soon be purchasing a smartphone for the first time, Yahoo is enhancing its messaging service by introducing a new app for Android Go and a new mobile web experience.

First, the new Yahoo Mail Go is a lite version that requires less than 10MB of installation space and uses less than 50MB of RAM. However, it is built with the same architecture and has many of the same features as the full application. It works with other email providers such as Gmail and Outlook, supports search and attachments, and has many other great additions such as customizable swipe actions, themes, people notifications, GIFs animations and an intelligent understanding of coupons and travel details.


Yahoo Mail Go is free and already available on the Play Store, but it doesn’t show as compatible with any of my devices, including the Nokia 1 (which runs Android Go). It will probably be available properly soon.

The next thing Yahoo is announcing is a new mobile web experience at This improved web interface has been rebuilt from the ground up to be interactive and instant – no more reloads for every action. It is also designed to provide a similar experience to the full app, whether in appearance or functionality. Infinite scrolling for emails, side menu with all folders, quick actions for a chosen email, customizable swipe actions, multiple themes, frequent contact suggestions, etc. contribute to this effect. If you want to try, go to from your mobile browser and sign in.

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You can grab the APK file for Yahoo Mail Go from APK Mirror and install it on your device if the app is not showing as available to you.

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