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Arrival of the Mack Roller Coaster Track, Yoshi Track Installation and Hub Fountain Pipes – Orlando ParkStop

The roller coaster track is already in place for the Donkey Kong Mine roller coaster and the How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster. Now, a new roller coaster track has appeared for what might be Epic Universe’s most thrilling attraction.

The new track is staged at the construction site for Universal Orlando’s next theme park, which is being built a few miles south of their existing theme parks, located near the Orlando County Convention Center. Orange.

Aerial view of the future Epic Universe theme park, Aerial photos: Bioreconstruction

We expected a ride track from Mack Rides for at least one major attraction at the new theme park. A huge, two-track steel roller coaster can be seen in Epic Universe concept art and blueprints.

Hub-facing dual track racing roller coaster highlighted on official concept art

This massive roller coaster isn’t part of any of the park’s four main theme lands, but is instead expected to have its own ride entrance directly from the central area of ​​the park.

The new roller coaster track and recently appeared supports were first spotted by Bioreconstructiona theme park enthusiast who posts aerial photographs taken over Orlando area parks.

Track pieces appear to be yellow, green, and black in color. Some have speculated that the yellow and green track could be for the two different circuits of the large roller coasters, while the few black sections can be used in the station or maintenance areas.

However, it is also possible that these two shades of color are for different sections of the same circuit, as there are probably more pieces of track that have not yet been delivered.

Recent shipment reports for Mack Rides materials sent to Universal Orlando, Source:

Recent shipment reports indicate that several shipments of “Amusement Ride Project” components were on their way to Universal Orlando. The hub racing coaster is rumored to have been made by Mack Rides.

Staged roller coaster track with on-site concrete plant bottom right

The track pieces are staged near the on-site concrete plant around the corner from the Epic Universe property. This is directly adjacent to the area of ​​the park where the roller coaster will be built.

Red is where the track is staged, yellow is the approximate location of the roller coaster

This multi-launch roller coaster will feature two tracks, which will run side-by-side for most of the duration, and are each estimated to be over 5,000 feet long. This attraction could eventually reach speeds as high as 70 mph, although those details have yet to be confirmed.

Possible track layout for racing roller coaster at Epic Universe

This ride will be the longest and fastest roller coaster ride in Epic Universe. You can look the video below for a possible POV of what this attraction might look like, based on current plans and rumors.

So far, only coaster soles have been installed for this massive new attraction, and mostly in the area closest to the center of the theme park. Currently, it appears that foundations are being poured under the station area of ​​the roller coaster attraction.

Coaster feet installed and foundations being poured

Wide view of the entire rollercoaster area, with most of the rollercoaster work taking place on the far right of the image

Staged roller coaster track and props on the Epic Universe site

While we believe the newly staged roller coaster track will be for this attraction, another roller coaster from Mack Rides is also rumored for the Epic Universe. Set in a country that we believe will be themed around Universal Classic Monsters, this attraction would be a spinning rollercoaster.

Universal Monsters land, with a large main attraction building seen on the right

The Universal Monsters land will feature a huge indoor ride in addition to these spinning roller coasters. Recent construction seems to confirm that a new roller coaster is being built, as footers have been installed in the terrain.

Possible construction of Universal Monsters roller coaster

What could be a station and queue structure is taking shape in the monster area, in addition to the footers we saw installed in our last update.

Work is gaining momentum at quick service restaurants in the Monster Zone, including one reportedly themed around Frankenstein’s Windmill. This small quick service point sees its walls being built.

The entrance portal to the world of universal monsters has taken shape and now offers a clear entry point for guests.

Nintendo area with Donkey Kong on the left, Mario Kart on the right and Yoshi on the top

In Super Nintendo World, the very first pieces of track have been installed for the Yoshi’s Adventure family ride. This attraction will take visitors to an outdoor section of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The first track pieces have been installed along the round loading/unloading area for the ride. Since this attraction is continuously moving, like The Haunted Mansion at the Disney parks, the loading area is a constantly rotating round platform.

Some additional track pieces can be seen in the Nintendo area, but most of the remaining tracks are still staged in a nearby area.

The Mario Kart attraction building continues to grow as the steel structure increases. Sections of the ride paths of this dark two-lane indoor ride are taking shape and also beginning to receive poured foundations.

Building Mario Kart Attractions

The Donkey Kong mine cart roller coaster attraction has received new roller coaster supports, but no new tracks have yet been installed. The foundations for a watering hole in front of the arena are beginning to take shape now.

Building a Donkey Kong Mining Cart Attraction

Building a Donkey Kong Mining Cart Attraction

A wide overview of all Super Nintendo World

Wide view of the How to Train Your Dragon area

Another rollercoaster under construction is in the How to Train Your Dragon area, but no track has yet been installed.

Trench with coaster soles at How to Train Your Dragon

New roller coaster stands have arrived on the site and are staged near the existing stands and sections of track that arrived a few weeks ago. This track is believed to have been made by Intamin Rides.

Staged Intamin roller coaster track

Roller coaster track in front of the Epic Universe site

In the center of the How to Train Your Dragon lot, columns have been set up for what we believe is a Great Hall-themed restaurant, as seen in the movies.

Great Hall can inspire the theme of the dining venue, Image: DreamWorks

Hub fountain on the left, carousel pit and central water feature on the right

Utility works on two major projects at the theme park center have made major progress over the past two weeks. A large fountain screen, said to contain Belagio-style water jets, receives its piping, along with something that can be called a “driving pit” in the dead center of the park.

Fountain display piping work in progress in the hub area

The central lagoon is expected to contain not only a water feature, but a large amusement ride building of some kind can be seen in permits and plans for the central area.

Central water feature dug in the center of the park

It’s unclear exactly what this supposed “ride” will be, but many have speculated that it could be an indoor ride. The permits designate the area below the structure as an “amusement pit” and also state that it will contain a “chlorine room”. Recent utility work shows a maze of pipes and others being installed in this area.

Utilities run under the central water feature

The future hotel site at the back of the park continues to be dug. This grand hotel is expected to begin major construction work by the end of next month.

The massive attraction within the wizarding world continues to grow with each update. This ride is rumored to take place within the British Ministry of Magic. Work is also beginning to pick up speed in other areas of this new wizarding world.

Ministry of Magic Massive Attraction Structure

The portal to the wizarding world can now be spotted. Each lot will have only one entrance or exit portal.

Entrance to the Wizarding World area

That’s it for this update. A big thank you to Bioreconstruct on Twitter for providing us with these incredible aerial views! Be sure to check out our latest update for even more details on this upcoming theme park, and subscribe to the newsfeed to never miss an update!

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