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Athletes prepare for today’s track meet | Guam Sports

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a two-part series featuring some of the top female athletes who will be competing at the ISA Track and Field All-Island event on Monday at John F. Kennedy High School.

That’s it. Only the best survived.

Months of work will culminate for the dozens of track and field athletes who qualified for the win-win event. The Interscholastic Athletic Association Interscholastic Athletic Meet is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. today.

In the picturesque setting of John F. Kennedy High School in Tumon, the season-ending event crowns individual and team champions. For months, athletes trained and practiced in hopes of placing in the top 12. Only those who have qualified after five regular season events have the opportunity to participate in the coveted event.

The Guam Daily Post contacted the top female athlete from each school participating in the all-island event. To keep it fair, all athletes were given the same questions and the options to choose which questions they want to answer.

Issue 1: What is your favorite event and why?

Issue 2: What do you love about athletics, especially since there’s a misconception that track is just running?

Issue 3: How do you prepare for your events?

Issue 4: What is your goal for yourself leading to the whole island?

Questions 5: Do you have any superstitions or rituals before or after an event?

Questions 6: What does it take to be the best in your sport?

Issue 7: Do you have a final comment to make?

Check them out today at JFK as they compete for a chance to medal in their respective events. The first round begins at 4:15 p.m. Individual medalists will be crowned throughout the evening. The team title will be awarded once all events have been completed.

Nya Rae Belga, 12 years old, Okkodo

Events: shot put; Javelin; Disk; 4×400; 4×100 (one time)

• Q1: My favorite events were all except the 4×400. Throwing events were my favorite because I can show how strong I am and how far I can throw. The running events were just plain fun and also showed that big kids could run just as fast or even faster. LOL.

• Q2: Considering that I am a defender, I appreciate the competition of our strength. When they hear I’m on track, I get “can you run?” Yes, I can run! But it’s not just about running. There are events on the ground. It might sound boring, but it’s quite fun once you get competitive.

• Q3: What I like to do is stay calm and relaxed. A lot of people would be scared or nervous, but it’s all in your head. Keep calm, relax and toss or run. It all starts with your mentality, if you give up before the match, then you have already lost. All that training and hard work would be wasted. To throw it, I like to use the heaviest equipment to gain strength but not too much where you get injured. If you worked hard in practice, your hard work will show on the track.

• Q4: It started in my freshman year. I was the only freshman outfielder at our school to make it to the entire island. I was in discus, jav and shot. I placed third in the shot put and got a medal. But, they called me back and took it away because of an “error” they misread. I was angry and sad and from then on I wanted my redemption. In first year, I then placed second but that is not enough for me. I’m still fighting for that first place and I think everyone should aim for first place as motivation. A quote I like to say “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

• Q5: Yes. I like to be insulted about the way I throw before going up to make an official pitch. It sounds a bit weird, but it motivates me to show them that I can do better than what they say. (Yes, it actually works for me).

• Q6: Strength (physical and emotional) the will to do your best, to be humble and to work hard. • Latest comments? Try to beat my scores.

Kayna X. Kanemoto, 10, Simon Sanchez

Events: 100, 200, 400, 4×400, 4×100, Javelin

• Q1: My favorite event is the 4×4, because it’s the most competitive and exciting event.

• Q2: I appreciate competitiveness and team cohesion. If the team acts like one person and acts like a family, it can be fun and exciting.

• Q3: To prepare, I listened to music and said a short prayer, then I started to stretch to stay warmed up.

• Q4: To beat the person/persons who preceded me

• Q5: I always thank the Lord for helping me

• Q6: Dedication and practice

Aeris San Agustin, 12, Tiyan High School

Events: LJ, 100, 200, 4×100, 4×400

• Q1: My favorite event is the 200m. Oddly enough, I hated the 200m the first two times I ran it, but this season I’ve improved so much and learned to love the race and all the hype around it.

• Q2: I like the fact that athletics is both an individual sport and a team sport. Our team always helps each other to be better, but ultimately we are all responsible for our efforts to improve and our performance at our events.

• Q3: I don’t do anything to prepare, but I love to eat almonds or cantaloupe before my events.

• Q4: My goal for me is of course to do public relations in all my events, especially in my jumps. I just want to finish the whole island knowing that I did my best, since this is my senior year in high school.

• Q5: During the second half of the season, I wore this matching bracelet that I have with my friends, and I consider it my lucky charm because I have always done public relations at my events in using it.

• Q6: It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to improve on the track. Showing up for training is one thing, but you have to push yourself to do everything you can to improve in order to reach the top. No matter how tired you are, you can’t go wrong.