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Auburn comes out hot in outdoor opener at Tiger Track Classic

AUBURN, Alabama— Propelled by seven event wins and 29 personal bests, Auburn Athletics opened its outdoor season with a bang Friday and Saturday at the Hutsell-Rosen track.

The 2022 season marks the 25and year at the helm of the program for Auburn’s athletics head coach Ralph Spry. Spry was recognized for many years of outstanding achievement heading into Saturday’s competition.

“I’ve been here for a quarter of a century and there’s still no place I’d rather be,” Spry said. “It was great to see our team start strong this weekend. We had a lot of people doing a lot of things well, and that’s not always common in your start to the season. I’m delighted to see this group discover its potential and continue to get stronger throughout the outdoor season.”

The Tigers were led by the senior high jumper Dontavious Hillwho, fresh off a bronze medal at the NCAA Indoors, shot a career-best 2.22m/7-3.25 in his first attempt to win the men’s high jump and post the top national mark .

Auburn’s men’s hammer throwers joined Hill with a stellar debut for their outdoor campaign, sweeping the top three podium spots and posting a trio of top 10 national marks. senior red shirt Erik Ebel led the pack, throwing a huge PR of 68.74m/225-06 to win the event. Junior Kyle Brown threw 67.13m/220-03 to finish second and second Kyle Moison threw 64.88m/212-10 to finish third.

Brown and Moison also opened the season with career-best shots. Ebel’s brand ranks third in the country while Brown’s is fifth and Moison’s is eighth.

Auburn saw its second podium sweep in the men’s 200m thanks to the senior trio of Brandon Smiley, Jevony Murray and Dante Brown. Smiley clocked 20.78 for the win with Murray and Brown following close behind, running 20.90 and 20.91 to round out the top three.

The seniors took the final wins of the event on behalf of the Tigers James Courson and Tommy McDonough as well as junior Maura Huwalt. Courson cleared 5.26m/17-3 to take the pole vault honors, McDonough ran a 3:50.22 to win the 1,500m, and Huwalt collected a pair of victories, throwing 15.88m /52-1.25 in the shot put and 57.76m/173 -01 in the discus.

The Tigers return to action later this week, March 23-26, at Clyde Littlefield’s esteemed stints in Austin, Texas.

Hutsell–Rosen Trail
Auburn, Ala.
March 18-19, 2022



2. Aalliyah Francois 11.50*
18. Hope Igbinoghene 12.67

100m hurdles

6. Elise Heddens 15.02*


2. Aalliyah Francois 23.43*
15. Elise Heddens 26.57*


11. John Dietrich 58.49
13. Britney Campbell 58.89

400m hurdles

3. Tylar Colbert 1:00.15
8. Morgan Millikan 1:09.78


11. Miles Presley 2:30.22
12. Lindsey Granier 2:44.03


4. Hallie Porterfield 4:31.78*


7. Louisa McPherson 10:16.40
9. GiGi Maddox 10:20.478


2. Sara Pacer 17:28.19*
3. Hannah Soss 17:44.21*
5. Hannah Tarwater 18:08.45

hammer throw

7. Jocelyn Budwig 53.53m/175-07
11. Dani Gregoire 51.13m/167-09
13. Maura Huwalt 48.99m/160-08


3. Keira McCarrell 51.13m/167-09
4. Ashley Carter 50.00m/164-00
5. Shaniya Holley 44.45m/145-10
6. Catherine Ratliff 39.53m/129-08*

big jump

4. Kamiya Dendy 1.71m/5-7.25
XX. Grayson Scott NH

long jump

2. Janaya Jones 6.05m/19-10.25*
3. Gasoline Thomas 5.94m/19-6
12. Elise Heddens 5.27m/17-3.50*
13. Megan Lonneman 5.12m/16-9.75*

Pole vault

9. Rhiannon outfit 3.71m/12-2
ten. Lexie Leinnewweber 3.71m/12-2

Shot put

1. Maura Huwalt 15.88m/52-1.25
11. Trinity Love 11.09m/36-4.75

1. Maura Huwalt 52.76m/173-01*
5. Jocelyn Budwig 48.12m/157-10
15. Trinity Love 38.41m/114-02*


3. Dante Brown 10.61
5. Brandon Smiley 10.67
6. Jason Reese 10.84

110m hurdles
5. Oquendo Bernard 14.61
7. Reynolds Tray 14.89*
11. david edmondson 15.48
13. John Murray 15.72

1. Brandon Smiley 20.78
2. Jevony Murray 20.90
3. Dante Brown 20.91
13. Jason Reese 21.85

9. Christopher Grant 49.88*

400m hurdles
4. Luke Roberts 55.37*
8. Caden Ciul 57.83


Cooper Atkins 1:52.03*

1500m Invitational
1. Tommy McDonough 3:50.22
4. ryan kinnane 3:51.40*
5. Carson Bedics 3:53.43*

8. Benson Atkins 4:03.50

2. Jackson Thomas 14:42.94*
5. Marc Foster 15:12.71*
XX. Tommy McDonough DNF
XX. Carson Bedics DNF
XX. ryan kinnane DNF

9. Ethan Richter 48.02m/157-6*
13. david edmondson 44.79m/146-11*
16. Quinten Wynn 44.42m/145-9*
17. John Murray 40.11m/131-078

hammer throw
1. Erik Ebel 68.74m/225-06*
2. Kyle Brown 67.13m/220-03*
3. Kyle Moison 64.88m/212-10*

big jump
1. Dontavious Hill 2.22m/7-3.25*
7. Zach Marinko 1.95m/6-4.75*
11. TJ Funches 1.95m/6-4.75

5.Josh Wallace 56.65m/185-10

long jump
5. david edmondson 7.02m/23-00.5
17. John Murray 6.26m/20-6.50

Pole vault
1. James Courson 5.26m/17-3
6. Matthew Asplund 4.81m/15-9.25