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Beaver shines on his athletics debut | News, Sports, Jobs

Southwestern’s Gabby Wigren competes in the hurdles during Tuesday’s CCAA Athletics meeting against Dunkirk at Southwestern Central School. Photo of PJ by Scott Kindberg

Southwestern won 12 of 17 events en route to a 107-33 victory for the girls in athletics against Dunkirk on Tuesday.

Reece Beaver doubled in the long jump (14-2) and high jump (4-8) for the Trojans.

Siera Porpiglia of the Marauders won both the 1,500 meters (5:43) and the 800 (2:52).

3200M Relay: South West (Emma Lewis, Lucy Brown, Alexis Lundmark, Gabby Wigren) T: 11:20.0

100H: Madilynn McIntyre (S) Paiton James (S) Robyn Craker (S) T: 23.0

Southwestern’s Avery Johnson passes the baton to Reece Beaver in the 4×100 meter relay. Photo of PJ by Scott Kindberg

100M: Avery Johnson (S) Felicity Cooper (R) Sierra Jacques (R) T: 13.7

1500M: Siera Porpiglia (H) Lundmark (S) Wigren (S) Time: 5:43.0

400m relay: Southwest (Morgan Troutman, Joslyn Brown, Johnson, Reece Beaver) T: 55.7

400M: Jacques (R) Alexis Grijalva (S) Hiba Munir (S) T: 1:05.9

400m hurdles: Wigren (S) James (S) T: 1: 21.0

800M Porpiglia (R) Mia Turnbull (S) Grace Anderson (S) Time: 2:52.0

200M: Johnson (S) A. Grijalva (S) Jacques (D) T: 28.7

3000M: Lewis (S) L. Brown Lundmark (S) T: 11:14.4

Relay 1600M: Dunkirk T: 4h44

LM: Beaver (S) Isabella Grijalva (S) Kate Miller (S) D: 14-2

TJ: I. Grijalva (S) McIntyre (S) Castor (S) D: 30-3

HJ: Beaver (S) McIntyre (S) A. Grijalva (s) D: 4-8

Shooting: I Grijalva (S) Erin Keppel (S) Mary Reynoldson (S) D: 27-3

Disc: Keppel (S) Bella Sirianni (S) Reynoldson (S)

Pole Vault: Felicity Coupoe (R) Julia Franzita (R) Marley Ohl (S) D: 7-0


FALCONER – Falconer/Cassadaga Valley went undefeated, beating Allegany-Limestone 83-58.

Hannah Madonia led the way for the Golden Cougars (2-0, 1-0) with individual wins in the 100 meters (14.1) and 400 intermediate hurdles (1:18.2).

Angelina Napolean had outstanding competition for the Gators, winning the 100 high hurdles (16.2), 800 (2:13), 3,000 (10:20.2) and high jump.

Relay 3200: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Sarah Elder, Maddie Hattaway, Hannah Madonia, Rachael Birath). D –11:01

100 HH: Angelina Napolean (A) Paiden Wittmeyer (FCV) Grace Lundmark (FCV). T-16.2.

100: Ella Ekstrom (FCV) Caitlyn Kellogg (A) Kenley Lincoln (FCV). T-14.1

1500: Rachael Birath (FCV) Lilliana Peters (A) Jasmine Spangler (FCV) . T-5:43.1

Relay 400: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Ella Ekstrom, Gracie Barber, Hannah Madonia, Paiden Wittmeye). T-55.9

400: Ashlyn Collins (A) Kenley Lincoln (FCV) Herzog (A). T—1:05.3.

400IH: Hannah Madonia (FCV) Jillian Walsh (A) Grace Lundmark (FCV). T-1:18.2

800: Angelina Napoleon (A) Sarah Elder (FCV) Maddie Hattaway (FCV). T—2:13.0

200: Hannah Madonia (FCV) Ashlyn Collins (A) Kenley Lincoln (FCV). T-28.7

3000: Angelina Napoleon (A) Rachael Birath (A) Lilliana Peters (A). T—10:20.2

Relay 1600: Collins, Kellog, Honeck, Giardini (A). T—4:50.3

Long jump: Paiden Wittmeyer (FCV) Gracie Barber (FCV) Ella Ekstrom (FCV). J-15-4

Shot put: Autumn Lynn (FCV) Grace Lundmark (FCV) Gabriella Rhodes (A). H-29-0

Pole vault: Alli Watkins (A) Lilly Coulter (A) Liza Giardini (A). H-8-0

Triple jump: Sarah Elder (FCV) Maddie Straub (A) Gracie Barber (FCV). J-28-3

Discus: Grace Lundmark (FCV) Autumn Lynn (FCV) Gabriella Rhodes (A). D—77-8

High jump: Angelina Napolean (A) Paiden Wittmeyer (FCV) Emma Powell (FCV)


FREWSBURG – Sam Annis’ three individual wins helped Frewsburg cruise down Chautauqua Lake 72-61.

Annis won the 100 meters (13.7), 200 (29.3) and triple jump (28-4).

Mercedes Obert posted a personal best 4-10 in the high jump for the Thunderbirds.


FREDONIA — Maddie Burgess and Morgan Torrey were both double winners as Jamestown beat Fredonia 88-48 in Women’s Division 1 action.

Burgess won the 100 meters (13.5) and 200 meters (28.2) while Torrey won the shot put (29-1) and discus throw (84-3) for the Red Raiders (1 -0, 1-0).

Ava Hartung (800 meters), Mariella Russo (high jump) and Abby Roth (triple jump) won events for the Hillbillies (0-1, 0-1).

3,200m relay: Fredonia (Ashlyn Ambrose, Julia LeBarron, Ava Hartung, Haley Zadzilka). T–11:53.6

100m hurdles: Kianna Harris (J), Mariella Russo (F), Brenna Fisher (J). T–20.2

100m: Maddie Burgess (J), Myah Crossley (J), Gigi Ferro (F). T–13.5

1,500m: Belle Johnson (J), Gabbi Knight (J), Haley Zadzilka (F). T–5:47.3

400m relay: Jamestown (Gigi Ferro, Abby Roth, Brianna Whitfield, Ava Cook). T–55.6

400m: Addie Zahn (J), Belle Johnson (J), Julia LeBarron (F). T–1:05.5

400m hurdles: Annalee Nellis (J), Ashlyn Ambrose (F), Kianna Harris (J). T–1:22.1

800m: Ava Hartung (F), Addie Zahn (J), Emily McCann (F). T–3:01.9

200m: Maddie Burgess (J), Myah Crossley (J), Gigi Ferro (F). T–28.2

3000m: Nolah Hamilton (J), Allison MacCallum (J). T–14:58.9

1,600m relay: Jamestown (N/A). T–4: 45.7

Shot put: Morgan Torrey (J), Jena Gullo (F), Haileigh Rhodes (J). D–29-1

Records: Morgan Torrey (J), Madeline Saunders (F), Gianna Gullo (F). D–84-3

High jump: Mariella Russo (F), Gigi Ferro (F), Madeline Saunders (F). H–4-8

Long jump: Jesenia Barber (J), Amara Pacheco (J), Mariella Russo (F). D–13-2.75

Triple jump: Abby Roth (F), Jesenia Barber (J), Kaylin Russell (J). D–29-8

Pole Vault: Kaylin Russell (J). H–7-6

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