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Brands Find Airship Mobile App Experience Platform Accelerates Time to Market, Time to Compliance, and Time to Greater Mutual Value

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Available today, AXP gives business users full control to build and scale native no-code app experiences for seamless value exchanges that build loyalty and accelerate monetization

PORTLAND, Ore. — Earnings report after earnings report from big brands highlights mobile apps as the center of the digital customer experience — driving revenue and transaction frequency more than three times that of mobile apps. other buyers. Yet, according to data from Apptopia and other companies, app user retention rates have barely increased over the past three years, despite continued growth in annual app downloads worldwide.

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To help more brands treat the app as a high-value destination rather than just a promotional messaging channel, Airship, the mobile app experience company, today announced the general availability of the platform. form of Airship Application Experience (AXP). AXP is the only enterprise SaaS platform 100% focused on helping brands master the full Mobile Application Experience Management (MAX) lifecycle.

AXP uniquely enables product, digital, and marketing teams to build, refine, and self-publish native app experiences with no code – without ongoing developer support or app updates – dramatically improving the continuous integration, first-party and zero-party data collection and retention. AXP unifies native app experiences, customer journey orchestration, and app UX experimentation with no-code approaches and intuitive visual user interfaces, empowering development teams to innovate with differentiating app features across the market.

According to Forrester Research, Inc.’s August 2021 report “Make Marketing More Than A Message”: “The best brand experiences connect with customers at critical moments, not just at the channel level. To achieve this level of personalization, brands must first design for the moments… Marketers innovate in critical facets of business (not just with media and messaging) shaping the entire experience to differentiate their brand in the eyes of their customers” (get a copy by 6/27/22).

More than 15 leading brands had early access to new AXP innovations such as AXP Mobile Data Hub, AXP Scenes, AXP Surveys and AXP Preference Center to assess and test the benefits for their businesses and provide feedback for continuous improvement.

  • “The Shell app is the centerpiece of our customers’ mobility experience, allowing them to pay and save in one easy step. With Airship’s real-time notifications and in-app automation, we’ve increased our retention rate by 3x and our active user base by 3.5x,” said Joseph Brooks, Chief product, Shell plc. “The new features in Airship’s App Experience Platform will help significantly accelerate our time to market and agility by optimizing user onboarding and capturing user feedback in the app. in order to continue to improve their app experience.”
  • “Sports fans demand the best, most personalized app experiences in the moment, and our teams must seek out opportunities for continuous innovation that make it easier to onboard new users, drive adoption of new features, introduce new content franchises and generate user feedback,” said Michael Lowe, vice president, digital strategy and partnerships, NBC Sports Group. “Airship’s App Experience Platform gives us new features that save valuable time on product development and give our team faster ways to optimize every fan’s journey.”
  • “Our whole team of Orange France was both surprised and thrilled with Airship’s new app experience platform,” said Laurent Claramonte, Head of Data Analytics for Mobile Products and Apps. “With more than 10 apps in total, including TV, Smart Home and messaging apps like Orange TV or Orange Mail, new features like AXPScenes allow our developers to focus on new innovations, as our product owners have now full autonomy to continuously optimize native apps, multi-screen experiences that drive feature adoption. AXP is a game-changer, allowing us to go far beyond promotional and revenue-based approaches. messaging to improve application onboarding and retention, and achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • “As the most popular football media platform in the world, OneFootball is constantly adding new features, products and content to deliver an immersive and fully personalized experience to over 100 million football fans every month,” said Ismail Elshareef, Chief Product Officer. “With AXP Scenes and Surveys, we can provide fans with better onboarding to these new experiences, collect more information upfront for greater personalization, and better inform future development to ensure our customers get exactly what they want. they expect from OneFootball.”

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“Messaging goes no further in retaining and monetizing app users. Brands need to provide valuable and relevant experiences the moment people interact with the app to create reciprocal exchanges of value necessary for relationships. sustainability,” said Brett Caine, CEO and President of Airship. “With AXP, we’re giving brands unparalleled agility to increase user insight and deliver app experiences that reward customers for their loyalty.”

For the latest insights into consumer attitudes, preferences, and behaviors around privacy, and how brands can create a trusting exchange with their customers, register for a webinar on April 14 with the guest speaker Stephanie Liu, Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., and Mike Herrick, SVP of Technology, Airship.

For more details on this announcement, please access Unprotected eBooks on MAX and AXP.

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No one knows more, does more, or cares more about helping brands master mobile app experiences than Airship.

From the inception of apps, Airship powered early commercial messaging, then extended its data-driven approach to all re-engagement channels (mobile wallet, SMS, email), app UX experimentation, and content management. feature releases. Now, with the Airship Application Experience Platform (AXP), business users can build and scale native app experiences on their own, with no ongoing developer support or app updates required.

Having powered billions of mobile app interactions for thousands of global brands, Airship’s technology and deep industry expertise have enabled apps to become the digital center of customer experience, from loyalty to brand and monetization.

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