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BTS V Pays Tribute To Lizzo By Grooving On Their Track About Damn Time

The members of BTS have millions of fans around the world for obvious reasons. Each member has their own specialty and ardent fans are surely aware of that. V alias Kim Taehyung is one of the most eccentric members of the Septet. From wooing audiences with his endless expressions during performances to making surprise appearances on social media, Tae Bear sure knows how to grab attention. Recently, Tae Bear flaunted his strong friendship with American singer Lizzo via a few Instagram stories that sent fans into a frenzy.

The collaboration of V and Lizzo

BTS member V took to Instagram on July 10, 2022 and danced with Lizzo to the popular track About fucking time. Well, there’s no denying that the duo looked amazing while collaborating online. For the uninitiated, Kim Taehyung previously grooved to the beats of the track in a vlog and Lizzo could also be seen imitating his moves which he loved too!

Check out the amazing Instagram Stories below.

Credit: Instagram

Lizzo’s reaction

Lizzo was more than happy to see V groove on her track and she expressed the same shock on Twitter while adding the following caption: “Wait… is this real? Does V really dance until the fucking hour?! ? The singer also shared a clip of the BTS member dancing to his song on popular platform TikTok and credited him as the creator of a brand new dance trend. Lizzo even recreated her own video and added it to V’s version. Speaking of Lizzo, she’s said to be a die-hard Bangtan Boys fan.

Speaking of BTS member V, he has a huge fan following all over the world due to his baritone voice and striking good looks. Just like the other members of BTS, V drastically changed his concepts, wardrobes and looks to complement the ever-changing music of the Septet. A few days ago, Kim Taehyung wowed her fans by sharing examples from her trip to Paris on Instagram.

The BTS member shared several photos from what appears to be his last trip to Paris. We’re more excited about the caption he added with the message that reads, “Hello Paris It’s been a while” which translates to “Hello Paris. It’s been a long time.”

Additionally, Tae Bear sent fans into a frenzy with his post! In the first photo, we see him sitting on a balcony and enjoying the view outside. In yet another pic, he’s at his eccentric best as he only shows half of his face. Another photo shows him devouring a replica of the Eiffel Tower! There is a video in the last part where we can see pigeons walking as V captures them on camera.