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Cosculluela releases the highly anticipated Residente Diss Track

It looks like Cosculluela and Residente’s feud isn’t over. After years of tension between the two artists, Cosculluela finally released the diss track “#RenéRenuncia” on August 31.

Among the track’s fiery verses, Cosculluela shoots Residente: “You’re not from PR / You’re in LA / Scared like the lil’ bitch that you are.” He also blames Residente for not being present in Puerto Rico during the hurricane or earthquake, when he “went down to a Macan as usual for the photo.”

But it wasn’t just about the Calle 13 rapper. He then brings up Villano Antillano and Tokischa saying, “Go find Antillano, call Tokischa / Residente join; a sausage sandwich with a caption. In the original Spanish verse, “Ve busca al Antillano, que llame a la Tokischa”, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he doesn’t just misunderstand Villana (who identifies as a trans woman), but also refers to a “salcicha sandwich” – a phrase that implies two men.

But why is he releasing the track now, and Why Are Villano and Toki involved in all this? It’s rooted in the kiss Tokischa and Villano Antillano exchanged at their concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico a week ago. This sparked outrage from Puerto Rican rappers like Omy De Oro and Cosculluela. Rapper “Prrrum” publicly backed Omy reviews against the “100 percent” kiss. He has even said that “gender is like a cage of lunatics”, and that they should set an example for children who follow gender.

During these comment posts, Youtube user and media personality Chente Ydrach posted a photo of Residente and Tokischa – and that’s how Residente got sucked into it.

“Don’t challenge me! I’ll give you a ride! Fear was invented by the devil, let’s give people a ride to heal. It’s the White Lion! From friendship to healing”, Cosculluela commented on the postcalling out Residente to appear in the photo next to Toki.

As mentioned above, artists had refrained from disbanding in the past due to their respect for their former leadership. They both have a history with Elías de León, owner of White Lion Records, who supported both artists’ careers and kept them from confronting each other.

However, this time, de León gave them the green light to release diss tracks against each other. “I’ve always been pro-union, especially with mine. We try to stop the situation with our hearts, but sometimes, for peace to come, there has to be war,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Residente responded to de León on what appears to be a Post now deleted: “What culture? The last thing the fool has is culture. Ever since you saved him from my fight last time, he’s had it in him. I will arrest this homophobe if he shoots.

Will Residente respond to Cosculluela’s diss track? Is it possible for him to have both Tokischa and Villano join him? We will keep an eye on all updates.

Listen to Cosculluela’s “#RenéRenuncia” below.