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Developers can charge more money without user consent

Apple has launched a new App Store policy that allows developers to deduct higher subscription fees without notifying the subscriber. This could lead to a renewal of the subscription with higher prices without the knowledge of the subscriber. Also Read – Apple Introduces New Accessibility Features: Door Detection, Live Captions, and More

Prior to this policy update, developers could not execute price increases without explicit user consent. Apple iOS developers also send permission to increase subscription fees to the user via mail, in-app message, and push notifications. If the user has not responded to any of these notifications, the subscription is not renewed. It was a good feature for people who had subscribed to the service for a short time with no intention of postponing it, or even those who didn’t want to pay the higher price. Instead, they might later agree to pay the higher price at a later date and resume service. Also Read – Ahead of iPhone 14 Launch, Apple Begins Testing Electronic Paper Display for Future Foldable Devices

Why did Apple change the policy?

According to Apple, the previous policy resulted in many unintended interruptions for users who missed notifications or otherwise failed to re-enroll. Also Read – Apex Legends Mobile Now Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

How will the money be deducted now?

Once the subscription policy comes into effect, the user will notify users in advance. Developers may increase auto-renewable subscription fees without notice to user. However, Apple has put some conditions in place to prevent misuse of the new policy. If any of the conditions are not met, the developer needs the user’s permission to increase the subscription price.

The conditions are:
-The price should not increase more than once a year.
-The price increase must not exceed $5 or 50% of the price of the existing subscription.
-For annual subscriptions, the price increase must not exceed $50 or 50% of the subscription price.
-The price increase must be authorized by local legislation.
-Apple will notify users of the price increase via email, notification and in-app messages. Users will only have to take action if they do not wish to continue with the subscription.

According to Apple, users will still be able to cancel their subscriptions if they don’t agree with the price increase. The new subscription policy has no effect on the user’s ability to view, manage, and cancel subscriptions.