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DOJ sues Peter Navarro over government documents after he used private server to conceal official emails

Mr. Trump and Peter Navarro walk to a back room.

TFG was not the only Trump administration official to steal official documents when he left office. Trump trade adviser and coup supporter Peter Navarro also did.

By Katelyn Polantz,

The Justice Department has asked a judge to order former Trump White House trade adviser Peter Navarro to return federal records they say they wrongfully kept after leaving the administration.

DOJ’s aggressive decision aims to bring speedy resolution to their lawsuit against Navarro earlier this year in another dispute over records where the administration maintains that the Trump White House improperly handled its official records.

There is no real dispute that Dr. Navarro used at least one unofficial email account to conduct official business, that these records are the property of the United States, and that Dr. Navarro has refused to return records in the United States. Indeed, his lawyer expressly admitted it,” Lawyers for the Justice Department wrote Monday evening.

“Because Dr. Navarro remains in possession of property belonging to the United States, this Court should issue a writ of replevin compelling Dr. Navarro to return what he continues to wrongfully possess,” continued the lawyers.

This costume derives from emails Navarra sent while working in the White House on the response to the coronavirus pandemic, not of his role as a coup plotter.