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Ethereum devs suggest ‘merger’ on track for September 15

After years of delays, the Ethereum developers have tentatively scheduled the “merger”, targeting the week of September 15.

The merger is a major software upgrade that will move Ethereum from a proof-of-work consensus model to a proof-of-stake, aimed at significantly reducing its environmental impact and improving its network efficiency. But due to the complexity of the business, the launch date for live smelting on the Ethereum blockchain has been pushed back several times.

During a call to the Ethereum Foundation’s consensus layer on Thursday, those working on the merger reported that the highly anticipated upgrade is happening sooner than ever, aiming for September 15 or 16.

Nevertheless, many factors can modify this delay; the developers have made it clear that the timing is an estimate and nothing is finalized yet.

This comes after Ethereum’s latest dress rehearsal for the merger went off without a hitch for the most part, with Goerli – one of the largest and most active Ethereum testnets – moving to proof-of-stake on Wednesday. evening. Although there were a few hiccups, the developers seem to have ironed out all the issues and feel comfortable moving forward with merging the mainnet, or main blockchain.

Following the announcement of the tentative schedule, the Ethereum community erupted with excitement.

“In just ~5 weeks, Ethereum will leave proof of work forever,” EthHub co-founder Anthony Sassano, aka Sassal, tweeted on Thursday. “The merger is coming.”

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