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The growing popularity of Garena Free Fire can be attributed to many aspects with updates being one of the crucial factors. They are regularly made available by the developers and offer a wide variety of new features for the community to engage with.

Prior to the release of a new version of the Battle Royale title, advanced servers are made public to test content for bugs and issues. The next update being the OB36 iteration, players now search the Advance server for the same.

The following section provides details regarding the Free Fire OB36 Advance server.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India and gamers in the country should avoid playing it on their devices.

Expected date for registration of Free Fire Advance Server (OB36 update)

Players can't wait for the OB36 Advance server (Image via Garena)
Players can’t wait for the OB36 Advance server (Image via Garena)

Based on previous versions, OB36 update for Free Fire will be released one day before the end of the current season of Clash Squad. As a result, the next release is likely scheduled for September 14, 2022.

With the same date in mind, the expected release date for the OB36 Advance Server update is between August 30 and September 2. This can be predicted based on the fact that these particular test servers are usually launched a few weeks before the update.

The registration phase will also be made available a few days before the server, and users will have to complete the procedure if they wish to obtain the activation code.

Registration Details

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Registration is one of the most critical steps for Advance Server. Only registered users have the possibility to receive the activation code, necessary to access the client. Individuals can follow the steps below to register after this process begins:

Step 1: Users can start by visiting Advance Server official website (

The site is currently inaccessible but will be available when the next Advance server approaches its release.

2nd step: They must then sign in using Google or Facebook. These are the only two alternatives available. Players must also have a Free Fire account linked to either platform.

An active email must be provided upon registration (Image via Garena)
An active email must be provided upon registration (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Players will then be redirected to a form where they need to provide an active email id and click on the join now button.

Thereafter, users can wait for the activation code. If they don’t receive one, they may have to wait to hear from the developers.

Note: Since Advance servers have a limited capacity, not everyone who registers will receive a code.

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