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Expected Release Date of Free Fire OB34 Advance Server 2022 for Indian Users

Garena Free Fire is currently running on its OB33 build, which the developers rolled out in March. With less than a month left until the next patch of the famous battle royale shooter arrives, the developers are preparing to give hints about upcoming features through the Advance Server program.

The Garena Free Fire advanced server serves as a testing ground for the game’s upcoming content. A limited number of players can try out the game’s never-before-seen content by accessing the week-long advanced server for a few days before the developers release it. are rolling out the update to all regions.

Free Fire OB34 Version: Expected Launch Date for Advance Server Program (Indian Region)

The OB34 Advance Server Calendar (Image via Garena)
The OB34 Advance Server Calendar (Image via Garena)

Garena is removing the Advance server for users worldwide, which means Indian users can access the program on the same day as global audiences. The official link for the Advance server will be available on the program’s official website.

Here is the schedule for the next OB34 Advance server for Garena’s BR shooter:

  • Start date: May 12
  • End date: May 23

Unlike previous iterations, the next Advance server will last over a week, so fans can expect the next update to include relatively more content than expected.

Currently, the official website of Advance Server cannot be accessed. However, he can come back online before the start of the test program.

How to download OB34 Advance Server?

Players can access the activation code and APK download link through the account page (Image via Garena)
Players can access the activation code and APK download link through the account page (Image via Garena)

Users need to go to Advance Server official website and need to register using FB or Google accounts. They will need to fill in the details like name, email account and active mobile/contact number. After double-checking the information, they can tap confirm.

The site will redirect players to their registered account page, where the APK link for OB34 Advance Server will be available. However, they will only be able to access the beta version of Free Fire if they have an activation code.

Only a limited number of players will receive the activation code on the account page available on the website. They should also note that the Advance server will feature the unreleased content for Free Fire and its MAX variant.

However, the APK file will be available with the option of the original game

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