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F1 set to crack down on fans removing signage during track invasions

Fans are usually allowed access to certain parts of the track after the race, allowing them to get closer to the podium and join in the celebrations.

At a number of recent races, videos have surfaced of fans removing signage from circuit tracks and taking them home, including advertising signs, DRS signs and even marketing flags in designated areas. fans.

The trend has gained popularity on social media, where there have been a number of videos showing fans taking away signage after a race as souvenirs.

But ahead of this weekend’s French Grand Prix, it appeared F1 should take a tougher approach against fans removing signage from race tracks.

Autosport understands that camera footage of post-race track invasions should be monitored to identify the perpetrators, and that anyone caught taking signs should be referred to local authorities and prosecuted.

Fan behavior has come under the spotlight in recent weeks after a series of reports of sexual harassment and abuse, particularly towards female fans, at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Dutch supporters in the stands

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport pictures

F1 issued a statement after the race in Austria confirming it would speak to the promoter and stamp out the “unacceptable” behavior, while four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel called for lifetime bans on the perpetrators.

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Vettel said ahead of the French Grand Prix on Thursday that he was not worried the problem would get worse and that he thought the abuse had “probably always been there”, but that fans were now talking more easily about their experiences.

“Maybe you start to see a generation that comes onto the track that stands up and complains about it and makes noise and uses different platforms to communicate,” Vettel said.

“It’s great to see that people have the courage to speak up, and we learn what’s going on, because only by doing so can we do something.

“The truth is that it has unfortunately been going on for a long time. It is more than a matter of time for these things to change, because there is no room for such things.