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Fallout London on track for 2023 release as announced in epic new trailer

Fallout: London is a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 created by a group of avid fans, and if you didn’t know about it, you wouldn’t be fooled into thinking it’s an officially sanctioned Bethesda joint. Changing locations in Europe, there are new factions, societal structures, crazy science experiments, and the brooding horror of exploring a post-apocalyptic underground.

After a 20-minute gameplay slice covering the game’s introductory release recently, we now have a 2023 release window thanks to a new trailer.

Fallout: London is a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 from Bethesda. As a continuation of the base game, the mod will allow the player to visit the previously unexplored post-apocalyptic environment of London.

Unlike previous official titles in the series, Fallout: London is not set in America. Visiting a totally new setting allows us to explore totally new cultures that have not become homogenized with their American counterparts. It also allows us to explore pre-war European history and the effects the resource wars had on the class-structured society of pre-war Britain.

One that features a number of locations and the very Fallout meets Britannia art direction – there’s even a glimpse of sentient trees, in what looks like a Lord of the Rings nod. For a fan-made mod, this looks pretty darn impressive, and now it feels like we’ve got both Starfield and an all-new Fallout in 2023.