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Google will merge Duo of video calling apps and Meet

(RTTNews) – Google is combining its Duo and Meet video calling apps into one integrated video platform aimed at simplifying communication services.

Google Workspace tweeted: “In the coming weeks we will add #GoogleMeet features to the Duo app, and later this year we will update the Duo app to #GoogleMeet, creating a better video experience together. “

The merged service will be known as Google Meet, with features from Duo that were primarily designed for personal video calls. The integrated experience will provide users with a one-stop solution service for video calls and meetings.

In a blog post, the Google Workspace team said that starting this month, the company will add various features to the Duo mobile app, such as customizing virtual backgrounds during calls and meetings; schedule meetings; In-meeting chat for deeper engagement; and share live content to enable interaction with all call participants. Additionally, the size of video calls will increase from a current limit of 32 to 100 participants.

Later this year, the Duo app will be renamed Google Meet, Google’s unique video communication service available to everyone for free.

Google noted that it’s not necessary for Duo users to download a new app, just ensure the latest version of Duo is installed on the device.

The company said the transition from Duo to Meet will be as smooth as possible, and administrators will receive an email detailing the impact on their organization. For Google Workspace users, Meet can continue to be used on web or mobile, as long as the Meet service is enabled in the Admin console.

For those who use Duo as a cross-platform video calling service, Google has already introduced new features such as group calls for up to 32 people, the addition of doodles, masks and fun effects with family mode, and video calls on tablets, foldables, smart devices and TVs.

Additionally, for those who use Google Meet, the company has delivered over 100 features and improvements since Meet launched to everyone in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said it made quality and reliability improvements, as well as introducing new moderation controls to help keep meetings safe and productive.

Besides video conferencing for work, millions of people around the world use video conferencing to host game nights, parent-teacher conferences, and gatherings of their community groups.

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