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Hamm wins 400m sprint at WildCat Track Festival | Sports News

LYNCHBURG — Michael Hamm of Ferrum College won first place in the 400 meters at Saturday’s WildCat Track Festival, hosted by Randolph College at WildCat Stadium.

Hamm’s winning time was 50.20 seconds.

Dom Philpot came ninth in the event, Seth Shaffer finished 10th and Elijah Simmons finished 22nd.

“Overall, it’s not a bad day. We had good performances. We’re just trying to start preparing for the stretch run,” Ferrum head coach Mark White said.

100 METER SHOT – Joshua Ellerbe 5th, Zion Wade 21st, Rob Tarver 28th.

DASHBOARD OF 200 METERS – Joshua Ellerbe 4th, Quvadus Spratley 35th.

800 METER RACE – Kevin Tate 9th (personal best 2:05.00), Noah Swaney 25th (personal best 2:17.38), Jake DiLauro 28th, Greyson Crouch 30th.

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5,000 METER RACE –Tysen Gotschi 9th (personal best 15:51.53), Clayton Stanford (Franklin County 10th (season best 16:54.23)

RELAY 4X100 METERS – Alberto Pineiro, Zion Wade, Rob Tarver, Elijah Simmons, 3rd (46:59)

RELAY 4X400 METERS – Dom Philpot, Alberto Pineiro, Seth Shafer, Michael Hamm, 3rd (3:31.41)

100 METER SHOT – Arianna Beverly 12th

DASHBOARD OF 200 METERS – Jordan Hairston 5th (personal best 27.40 seconds), Tejah Yates 25th

DASHBOARD OF 400 METERS – Jordan Hairston 4th (personal best 1:02.71), Tejah Yates 15ht (personal best 1:10.33)

800 METER RACE – Genesis Pineiro 6th (best of season 2:32.04)