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Here are the new features of macOS Ventura’s Mail app

Spotlight isn’t the only Apple-enhanced app in macOS Ventura. The Mail app has received a similar treatment, let’s take a look at the new features in it.

Cancel send

This is perhaps the best feature of any email client or email service. If you made a typo in an email, sent it to the wrong recipient, forgot to attach a file, etc., don’t worry. macOS Ventura’s Mail app gives you a few seconds to unsend, to call back the mail. When you send an email, the Undo Send option appears near the bottom left corner of the app interface. You have a time limit of about 10 seconds, during which you can use the option. This will extract the email from the outbox and save it to your drafts folder, thus blocking the email from being sent. This allows you to correct your mistake.

The unsend feature isn’t exclusive to the Mail app, Apple added it to the Messages app as well, and it’s coming to iOS 16 as well.

Scheduled send

Sometimes when you have drafted an email, you may not want to send it immediately. Maybe it’s a special message wishing someone their birthday or anniversary, or it’s late at night, or it’s the weekend, and you don’t want to disturb your contact.

email app attachment macOS Ventura send later

That’s when the scheduled send feature comes in. Click the drop-down menu next to the Send button, select when you want the message to be sent: tonight, tomorrow, or at a specific date and time of your choosing. You can view your scheduled messages from the Send Later tab in the sidebar of the app.

macOS Ventura mail app send later - scheduled message

Smarter mailbox

The Mail app now supports rich links, which display a thumbnail preview of webpage content. Copy a link and paste it into the mail composer, instead of a boring text link, you’ll see the content right in the message. It’s similar to what we see in most instant messaging apps these days, but it’s nice to have it in the messaging client.

new features in macOS Ventura's Mail app - rich links

To remove a link, click the X button in the preview and the app will use the text version of the URL. To add it, click on the thumbnail button that appears at the end of the link.

macOS Ventura mail app remove rich link

If you click the Send Email button without including a recipient in a thread, Apple’s Mail app will prompt you to add them. If your mail says you are sending a file, but no document or media is attached, the app will notify you. You can choose to ignore the warning or click Don’t Send, attach the file, and then send it.

email app attachment reminder macOS Ventura


When you email someone but don’t get a response, you might want to follow up with them by pushing them with a little reminder. But what if you forget to do it? The Mail app can optionally pin sent messages to the top of your inbox, to help you track them more easily. Apple says the app will provide auto-suggestions when you don’t receive a response to an email.

Call me back

Speaking of forgetting, if you read a message and want to come back to it later, you can set up a reminder right in the Mail app. To use the feature, select an email and right-click on it. Click the Remind me menu and select one of the following options: Remind me in 1 hour, Tonight, Tomorrow or Remind me later. The last option lets you choose a specific time and day for the reminder. When the time expires, the Mail app will notify you to check the message.

Emails that have been tagged by the feature have a “remind me” tag. You can quickly access emails from the Remind Me tab in the sidebar.

Look for

The Mail app’s search box now shows a list of recent documents and links that have been shared with you. It displays information the second you click in the search panel. Search results are displayed as you type, but the app now detects typos in your query and lists items that match the correct spelling. It can also detect synonyms for entered keywords to retrieve relevant emails.

Note: If you are using a system-wide ad blocker such as AdGuard, it may prevent some email features from working, I had to disable it to use rich links.

Unlike Stage Manager, the improvements to the Mail app in macOS Ventura are subtle, but they’re really good. Some of these options remind me of Google’s Inbox.


Here are the new features of macOS Ventura's Mail app

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Here are the new features of macOS Ventura’s Mail app

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We take a closer look at the new features of macOS Ventura’s Mail app. Here’s how you can use Undo Send, Send Later, Remind Me, Rich Links.




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