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How to Block Emails on iPhone in Mail App

Apple makes it easy to block email on an iPhone, but the user needs to know where to find the control, and spam is handled separately.

the iPhone has many options to manage emails including email blocking which saves user from keep deleting unwanted messages from spammers. Since emails from abusive email accounts can be stopped before even opening Apple’s Mail app, it eases the daunting task of emptying the inbox. Blocking emails isn’t difficult, but the option isn’t as obvious as a block button.

A free iCloud email account is provided to every iPhone owner with 5 gigabytes of storage to backup iPhone, sync data between Apple devices, and store files, photos, and videos. Of course, this can fill up quickly if you store all iPhone photos and videos. Apple doesn’t offer a way to choose which media files to back up to the cloud, and since everything is kept in the original quality and resolution, an iCloud+ subscription is often required. These are competitively priced and come with added benefits such as Private Relay and Hide my email.


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Apple makes it easy to block emails, once the user knows where to look. There’s no obvious button or menu to press. Instead, the user should open an email that needs to be blocked, then tap on the sender’s name to expand that section, and tap again to open a window for that contact. The option of Block Contacts appears about halfway. By tapping on it, this sender will be added to a block list and their emails will not be able to reach the user’s inbox. This helps keep the inbox free of particularly annoying emails from persistent senders.

Report iPhone Spam Email

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Spam, ie unsolicited advertisements to which the user has never subscribed, are treated differently. Obviously, blocking spammers would be a full-time job and Apple doesn’t expect iPhone owners to block every spammer’s email address, especially since they usually have a large number of email addresses to send from. Most spam is filtered automatically, and Apple takes care of the details. However, some might be missed. To mark an email as spam, slowly swipe left to reveal the Following button and press it to see more options. Selection Move to Junk Mail will move it to this folder and report the email as spam to Apple. In the future, similar emails should be automatically added to Junk.

To avoid having to block senders and move spam, Apple offers a feature called Hide my email as part of an iCloud+ subscription. This feature creates unique and random iCloud email addresses and forwards mail to the user’s real address, making it easy to deactivate a generated email address that is overwhelmed with spam with a quick visit to the iCloud website. With automatic spam monitoring and blocking, a iPhone owner may not need to use Hide my emailbut the feature is there and available with any iCloud+ subscription when needed.

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