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How to Change Default Mail App on iPhone 2022

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Check How to Change Default Mail App on iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone update, iOS 15, was released on September 16. One of its cool features is that you can change your default email app from Apple’s Mail app to something else if that feature is supported. If, like me, you use Outlook and Gmail instead of Mail, this is a big deal. Normally, when you click on a link to an email address anywhere, your iPhone just opens Mail and starts a new message, usually from your Apple iCloud account. It’s annoying when that happens, because your email might not come from your regular work or personal account, and you might miss replies sent to an inbox you don’t use.

The change was first announced in June when Apple introduced iOS 14 in what appears to have been an attempt by Apple to counter competitive complaints. Changing your default messaging app in iOS 15 is easy and only takes a few seconds. I changed my account to my work outlook account as I normally send emails from it. But many other apps also support this.

How to Change the Default Mail App on an iPhone Running iOS 15

  • Make sure the app you want to use is installed on your iPhone.
  • Open the Settings app and scroll down to the alphabetical list of every app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the messaging app you want to set as default.
  • You should see a “Default Mail Application” setting in the next menu.
  • Tap on it, then select the app you want to use as your default messaging app.

You did it. Whenever you do something email-related on your iPhone, it will automatically be directed to this app instead of the default email app. It’s a shame that the iPhone had to exist for over a decade before users could do this, but better late than never.

Final Words: How to Change Default Mail App on iPhone

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