Mail merge

How to Email Single Attachments Using Mail Merge for Gmail

gmail Direct mail is a perfect tool for sending personalized emails to one or more email addresses using a simple Google Spreadsheet. If you have never done a merge before, please watch the Direct Mail Tutorial and Documentation to start.

One of the most popular features of Mail Merge is its unique ability to send different attachments to different email addresses. For example, if you are applying for a job at different companies, you can attach the same PDF CV in all emails, but the cover letter can be different for each application.

This step-by-step tutorial explains how you can use Mail Merge for Gmail to send unique attachments to your contacts. Mail merge pulls files from Google Drive and includes them as attachments in outgoing emails.

Step 1: Install the Mail merge add-on.

2nd step: Open a new Google spreadsheet, navigate to Add-ons > Mail merge with attachments > Create a merge template to initialize the sheet.

Step 3: add one or more lines in the mailing sheet. To make things easier, you can add first name, last name, and email address as shown in the screenshot.

Attach Google Drive Files to Mail Merge

Step 4: Go to Add-ons > Mail merge > Add attachments > Insert files from Google Drive and select one or more files that you want to send with your email message. You can also select the option Select files from computer if the files are on the computer.

The mail merge will get the direct link of the selected file(s) and insert them into the Attached Files column. If you want to send multiple files with the same email message, you can add the drive links in the same cell, separated by a comma.

Easily add attachments with Mail Merge

In the previous step, we used the Google file picker to select files from Google Drive. It’s a bit tedious especially since you have to repeat the steps for each line of your mailing sheet.

There is, however, an easier way to add attachments to merge. Instead of using the File Picker, you can just put the file name in the Attached Files column. The addon, when sending the email, will look for this file in your Drive and attach it to the email.

If you have multiple files in Google Drive with the same name, you can specify the folder path where the file is located. The syntax is Folder AFolder Bfilename.ext


I want to show you another technique to quickly attach files to your simple mail sheet. Go to Add-ons > Mail merge > Add attachments > List files in Google Drive folder. Now select the parent folder in your Google Drive and the addon will generate a list of all files found in that folder, including subfolders.

Now go back to the Mail Merge sheet and you will notice that a drop down list has been added to each cell in the Attachments column. This makes it even easier for you to select files in Drive.


So we are ready. Go to the Mail Merge menu, choose Configure and Run Mail Merge (video) to send your emails which all have unique attachments. You will find a copy of the emails in your Gmail Sent items.

For detailed instructions, please see the video tutorial.