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How to merge technology with creativity for true innovation

As brands strive to interact directly with audiences, generic ads increasingly lack transparency. What consumers want is a creative and memorable experience: an experience that offers a more personal relationship with a brand.

Working alongside Jaguar Land Rover and agency Spark44 (now Accenture Song), Edit embraced innovation. The winner life at 45 degrees campaign, targeted previous customers using in-market modeling to predict those likely to seek to make a purchase. He then used digital direct mail to deliver the journey, embedding radio technology into premium print to seamlessly connect prospects to a New Defender expert – at the touch of a button.

It won the award for the best use of data in the Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards 2022 and Best Use of Technology at this year’s Campaign Tech Awards, as well as many other accolades.

Here is the story behind its success.

An award-winning example
From virtual reality experiences in the metaverse to experiential arenas at music festivals, the way consumers interact with brands is becoming increasingly sophisticated. But while many brands come up with brilliant physical or digital campaigns, being able to innovate and bring these two worlds together is a challenge. Yet it is increasingly necessary: ​​consumers expect their digital engagement to translate into the real world, and the real world to translate into digital experiences.

Life at 45 bridged this gap.

As any good campaign should, the audience was defined with precise data. After all, there’s no point in having something clever and memorable at your fingertips if no one – or the wrong people – commit to it. The data allowed Edit and Jaguar Land Rover to select very specific targets, based on their purchase history and previous interactions with the brand.

The team was able to identify anyone with a digital interaction for New Defender. Using a custom algorithm, JLR could then determine whether they were in the market or not. This combined with affordability indicators as well as aisle share, to identify those with a propensity to purchase a new Defender as an additional car.

These customers did not have an active relationship with retailers and were busy people who were short on time. The campaign therefore needed a simple and engaging way to capture their attention and elicit a response.

Combining creativity and technology
With the right target audience, the next task was to connect these potential customers with Land Rover specialists in a creative and engaging way.

Since the end of the pandemic, Joint Industry Committee for Mail research showed that the increase in hybrid work led to a significant improvement in direct mail effectiveness among high-income groups.

When you’re working from home, the thump of a sleek direct mail pack landing on your doormat gets you paying attention. The combination of this with a high quality finish and innovative design attracted recipients to the concept. The Creative dramatized the 45-degree life of a New Defender rider through 45-degree angled imagery and design, along with tactile finishes that replicated tread plates and dirt tracks.

The Technology was a built-in radio transmitter, linking the customer to a local dealership. The transmitter was linked to an interactive button that mirrored the New Defender’s switchgear. Turning it 45 degrees, the pack instructed Jaguar Land Rover’s CRM system to text and email the customer, telling them an expert would be in touch.

The Campaign judges were impressed: “Life at 45 has a super smart runtime linking direct mail with a real-time button to enable customer experience and personalized invites. It was a very well thought out campaign across touchpoints and the full experience, with solid results.

Edit and Land Rover already had the form for it. Together they had created a direct mail pack that allowed customers to book a test drive for the Land Rover Evoque by pressing a stop-start engine button. This concept won Best Use of Data in CRM at the 2020 Campaign Tech Awards, so Edit was confident Life at 45 would be fun, simple and effective.

“While the customer received an email and text message, the technology simultaneously integrated with our lead management system to send the customer’s details to their local dealer, who then called back within 24 hours,” said said Phil Haines, Head of CRM at Jaguar Landrover.

“This happened in real-time in a GDPR-compliant way that required no customer registration, pre-interaction process or Bluetooth, tethering or WiFi connection. This created a simple and integrated customer journey across channels, bringing leads to retailers.”

Direct mail campaigns can sound the environmental alarm, but Edit had that covered. Edit is one of the only B-Corp accredited agencies in the UK, so its print campaigns are delivered with sustainability at the forefront. For Life at 45the pack included a return address for recycling and was created from sustainable paper sources.

Satisfied customers, satisfied customers
Smart, creative and reliable technology, underpinned by intelligent use of data, has led to impressive results for Edit and Land Rover.

With 5,000 packs sent, Edit’s goal was a 20% response rate. Instead, 50% responded, with over 2,500 leads generated. And the goal of 100 sales? Obliterated by an astonishing 248 orders.

“We’ve proven that we can create exciting, technologically advanced direct mail,” says Gwyn Rodway, Associate Director of Marketing Technology at Edit. “We made sure prospects had a simple and easy way to respond, using technology to enable an effortless journey.”

“They had great results and a good strategy,” the awards judges said. “It was very thoughtful about the angles of the peloton and also how to generate a lead. There was a nice use of technology to connect a DM campaign to a more omnichannel experience.”

Innovation that benefits everyone
There’s good news for brands looking to use this innovative approach to merge physical and digital concepts into one campaign. Edit has launched Signal, a digital direct mail product that uses the technology behind Life at 45. It allows customers to register an interest in a product with a simple press or turn of a button.

Available for all brands, without complex setup or significant investment, Signal makes the most of these three magic ingredients: smart data, innovative technology and inspiring creativity to deliver campaigns that really pay off.

The power of data

If you want to order a working sample of their Signal pack, visit their dedicated product page.

Find Edit’s Signal pack here