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How to Open Previous Drafts Faster in Your iPhone’s Mail App – From Any Mailbox or Folder « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

All your partially written and unsent emails live in your “Drafts” folders, in limbo until the day they are sent or deleted. In Apple’s Mail for iPhone, you can access all drafts from all accounts in a combined “All Drafts” folder from the main app. Mail boxes list — but only if you added it manually. But there’s an even better way to access all your drafts in Apple Mail in iOS; it’s just not obvious.

This hidden trick works in iOS 13, as well as all previous iOS versions dating back to iOS 4 when the little-known shortcut first appeared. From the interior either of the main Mail boxes list or any list or folder of any connected email account, long-press the new draft icon, aka the “Compose” button, at the bottom right.

A modal window of all your drafts in all your accounts – iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. – will appear. At the top, you can click “New Message” to start a new email. You can also delete emails from this list by long swiping left or short swiping left and tapping the trash can button. To finish a draft, just tap on it, edit it, then send it.

While you can’t access this shortcut from the emails themselves, you can access it from many more places than the optional “All Drafts” folder on the main screen or the “Drafts” folders ” in the section of each account. Wherever you see the Compose icon, you can view all of your drafts, whether you started them on your iPhone or not.

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