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How to Send Mass Emails in Outlook with Mail Merge

Mass mailing is an important strategy in digital marketing used to increase sales and promote a brand. An email marketing campaign is essential for advertising today to reach a large list of customers and achieve organizational goals. Outside of business, there may be several occasions where you may want to send mass invitations, newsletters, and announcement letters to many addresses.

However, most email accounts only support a limited number of recipients per email message. Also, preparing individual letters to many people is very time consuming. Although there are many services that offer a simplified way to send mass emails, the best way to create a personalized email is to use Direct mail characteristic of Microsoft Word with Microsoft Outlook.

Unlike broadcasting emails to a large number of people, direct mail maintains the same message for multiple emails, but the name and email address are unique with personalized details for each recipient . In other words, direct mail makes each recipient of the email message the only recipient.

What is Microsoft Word Mail Merge Feature

Mail merge is a powerful feature supported in most applications. It allows you to create a batch of personalized email messages from the letters and automatically retrieves multiple recipients’ addresses from the database to facilitate mass mailing. Basically, direct mail means combining mail and document. Mail merge is supported by all Microsoft Office programs. Microsoft Word allows you to insert content from data sources such as access database, Excel spreadsheet, etc. in Word documents using a mail merge function. That being said, Microsoft Outlook can take advantage of Microsoft Word’s mail merge capability to send mass personalized emails to many contacts.

To send bulk email messages in Outlook using mail merge, first you need to use Microsoft Word to create several constant documents containing fixed contents, i.e.; body of the email, then add unique details for each document, such as the name or address of the recipients, which are usually borrowed from the data source such as Outlook Contact, an Excel spreadsheet or a database access data. Mail merge consists of preparing your main documents, creating a data source for your mailing list, defining the merge fields, linking the mailing list to the document, saving and sending the personalized email messages. In this article, we explain how to send a bulk email in Outlook using mail merge.

Prepare a mailing list of mailing contacts

To throw Microsoft Outlook and click on Homepage tongue

At the bottom of the home page, click People to display the contact list.

Select the contact address to which you want to send the group message.

Now navigate to Shares Group in Homepage tab and click Direct mail.

In the Mail Merge Contacts dialog box, click the radio button with the option Only selected contacts below contacts to send emails only to the selected contact. Otherwise, click the radio button with the option All contacts in current view.

Next, select the radio button with the option New Document under Document File

Under the Merge option, select the document type as From lettersMerge As E-mail and enter the subject of your email in the message subject box.

Click on Okay to apply the settings and Outlook will launch Microsoft Word for you to write the constant message.

Compose a personalized e-mail message using Microsoft Word

Outlook launches Microsoft Word.

In the greeting line, type the address, such as type, hello, and then click Insert a merge field under Write & Insert Field’s group.

Choose the option Last name in the drop-down menu, and Microsoft Word will add an email field> next to the welcome message.

You can add other fields from your recipient list to the document, such as last name, home phone, company name, etc. Once the mail merge process is complete, Word will automatically replace the email fields with the actual information from your recipient list.

Send emails

Once you have prepared the email message, click Start mail merge option and select Emails in the drop-down menu.

Now click on Finish and merge button and select send e-mails in the drop-down menu.

The Merge to Email dialog box appears. Choose here E-mail for the To message options and select HTML for the Mail format.

Under Send recordings, click the radio button All to send all emails at once, or choose the option Current record to send current emails only.

Click on Okay button.

Once done, Microsoft Word automatically merges the emails and sends a personalized email to each address.

It is worth mentioning that the above functionality is used only to send the email message. You cannot attach files to an email, nor can you CC or BCC other recipients in an email.

To confirm the sending of e-mails, go to your Outlook and check your sent elements folder to view sent emails.

Hope you enjoy using this feature!