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Universal Orlando’s next theme park, Epic Universe, may not open until the summer of 2025, but construction appears to be proceeding fairly quickly. Just a few weeks since our last update, new projects have started on the huge construction site, tons of additional steel have increased and even more pipe supports have been installed.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable changes to see, including work around Super Nintendo World, the park’s massive central hub, and more.

Aerial view of the future Epic Universe theme park, Photo: bioreconstruct

As always, these incredible aerial photographs are compliments of the talented Bioreconstruct on Twitterthe largest tracked theme park in all of central Florida!

Official concept art for the Epic Universe with speculated lands labeled

In our last update, we talked about the arrival and staging of a roller coaster track near the theme park site. This roller coaster track should be for the How to Train Your Dragon area and always seems to be staged in the same place.

Staged roller coaster track near Epic Universe site

Although the track is not yet installed in the How to Train Your Dragon area, many coaster soles are already installed. These are mostly located close to and within the main water feature of the land.

How to Train Your Dragon land, yellow areas contain new bases

The roller coaster will pass under a few bridges, passing below the waterline of the area’s lagoon. It will be similar to how the Incredible Hulk Coaster goes under the bridge near the entrance to Marvel Super Hero Island in Islands of Adventure.

Close view of the underwater section of the roller coaster

Zooming out, we can see that the very first roller coaster soles have been installed for another roller coaster attraction at Epic Universe. In the upper right part of the photo below are the soles of the hub’s massive dual-track racing roller coaster.

Dragons roller coaster runs center, Hub roller coaster top right

The hub roller coaster will be Epic Universe’s biggest and most thrilling attraction. See the video below to get an idea of ​​what the coaster might look like.

The area where the new soleplates have been installed is where the two lanes of this huge steel roller coaster will come to the edge of the central hub of the park.

While we know for sure that the roller coaster and How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster will actually be a roller coaster, there is one other attraction that is just starting to take shape that we’re not 100% sure about.

Per permits, there will be two attractions located in the Universal Monsters area of ​​Epic Universe when the park opens. One will be an indoor dark ride. The exhibition building of this attraction is taking shape now.

Universal Monsters Dark Ride Indoor Entrance Steel Riser

Main attraction structure for Universal Monsters Land

The second attraction was originally intended as an indoor theater show, but recent releases and rumors indicate that it may have been replaced by another roller coaster ride for the Epic Universe.

Main attraction for bottom view area, top right area location for second attraction

Look at the photo below, where the second attraction is to be built. Some bases are starting to take shape, but it may still be too early to tell if it will actually be a rollercoaster or not. However, this does not appear to match previous permit drawings for this area.

Close-up view of the second attraction area for Universal Monsters

As we are used to now, Super Nintendo World is progressing the most! The image below shows the entire terrain: the Donkey Kong rollercoaster at the bottom, the outline of the Mario Kart building on the right, and Yoshi with the rest of the terrain at the top.

View directly above Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe

In addition to the coaster racks and rails that have already been installed, new steel has been added for the Donkey Kong Mine Cart roller coaster.

Special hidden roller coaster track installed for the Donkey Kong attraction

New confined space installed on the right of the image

This is part of the ride’s main structure and may contain indoor scenes, as the attraction will go both outdoors and indoors.

New Closed Donkey Kong Attraction Area

Donkey Kong on the left, Mario Kart on the right

In the photo below of the entire area, you can see that although little work is being done at the Mario Kart ride, seen in the upper right, it looks like the path to the ride is starting to be carved out.

Mario Kart outline seen in top right of photo

A closer view of Mario Kart below.

Close-up view of the future Mario Kart attraction

While not much is happening with the Mario Kart attraction, work is picking up again for Yoshi’s Adventure.

Yoshi building with track along left side

This omnimover-style family attraction takes place above the Mushroom Kingdom, and many of its track supports have just been installed. The round structure at the top of the building will be a continuously moving loading and unloading area for the Yoshi Ride.

Yoshi driving track installed at Epic Universe

The entrance to the Yoshi ride can be seen in the photo below, with the bridge under the ride path and the track set up to the right. The black cylinder in the foreground will be the entrance to Toad’s Cafe, the country’s quick-service restaurant.

Entrance to Yoshi’s Adventure

A final look at Super Nintendo World

Other areas of the park are seeing modest progress, including the addition of a lot of steel to the large ride in the future Wizarding World area.

Possible walk in the wizarding world at Epic Universe

From the side, we can get a better idea of ​​the height of this tall ride building. According to the permits, at least one section of this structure will have at least 5 floors.

Side view of a possible Wizarding World attraction

The center of Epic Universe sees the preparation of several structures as well as several water features, including a large centerpiece fountain display.

Wide view of the middle of the epic universe

Large fountain in the foreground, central water feature behind it

Close-up view of the large fountain in the park

A big thank you to Bioreconstruction to provide everyone with the amazing aerial photography. You can follow Bio on Twitter for more photos around all Orlando theme parks.

View of Epic Universe, seen from the back of the park

A super broad look at the entire Epic universe

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