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JustGo launched Singapore’s first dump truck booking app

By JustGo

Monday June 13, 2022 10:00 MYT

SINGAPORE Media outreach – June 13, 2022 – After months of product development and beta testing, local on-demand logistics platform JustGo Singapore announced that it has officially launched its dump truck booking app in Singapore.
Founded in 2021, JustGo’s vision is to transform the construction industry by embracing new technologies, overcoming the stigma that the industry fails to keep up with technological advancements. With the launch of its app, JustGo hopes to improve industry efficiency and solve problems through technology.
There are two types of apps available – a merchant app and a driver app, each serving their respective purposes.
To encourage digital adoption in the construction industry, the JustGo app creates an efficient online marketplace to connect construction companies with trusted suppliers.
The Merchant app connects businesses looking for dump truck services and construction companies looking to rent a dump truck with driver in Singapore. Users can create job postings for organizations capable of providing dump truck driver services that precisely match their demands and budget in the user-friendly booking app.
On the other hand, the Driver app enables dump truck suppliers and construction companies that own dump trucks in Singapore to offer their services to organizations in need. Through the app, companies and individuals can offer and accept dump truck driver jobs in Singapore.
With the app, JustGo Enterprise hopes to reduce costs for construction companies as they will no longer be limited to prices quoted by a single supplier. They also don’t need to purchase additional trucks if leasing is more profitable.
In addition to this, JustGo aims to create a materials marketplace for industry, to enable the reuse and recycling of materials such as hardcore and soil. This will greatly improve the productivity of JustGo users, as it will reduce their costs and ensure minimal waste of these materials. Moreover, with the JustGo app, it addresses the lack of such a platform in the industry to offer and request dump truck materials and/or services, contributing greatly to the advancement of the industry.
JustGo Merchant app and JustGo Driver app are now available for download on App Store and Google Play Store.
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