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Kendall and Kane County to merge prison operations starting in January

OSWEGO, IL – A new cashless bail system taking effect in January is expected to have a significant impact on the number of inmates in local jails, which is expected to impact some local detention centers, including in the county by Kendall.

As Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird began to consider what might be the most fiscally responsible way to handle the flow of inmates being held in the county, he began researching alternatives as new legislation will reduce the number of inmates housed at Kendall. county jail.

Given the expected decline in inmate numbers beginning in 2023, Baird felt that instead of continuing to operate the Kendall County Jail, an existing good working relationship with Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain, would perhaps provide a fiscally responsible means of coping with the declining prison population. .

Baird and Hain agreed that moving the prison population from Kendall County to Kane County was a realistic approach to decline, officials said this week. Kane County Jail will still have to operate based on its incarcerated population, officials said, but after taking into account the expected reduction due to the new bond system, Kane County would have ample room to accept Kendall County inmates.

“Combining our prison operations and working together to serve our citizens is an example of partnership and collaboration,” Baird said in a press release. “By working together, we are saving taxpayers money and Kendall County inmates will have access to the same inmate services as Kane County inmates.”

Kendall County will pay Kane County to house its inmates, while saving its citizens millions of dollars, officials said in a news release. Analysis shows that this concept will also provide unexpected revenue to Kane County, while ensuring that the needs of arrestees in the custody of sheriffs are met.

Hain told Patch in an email Tuesday that the last day rate for Kendall County inmates is still being negotiated and that amount would need to be approved by county councils in Kendall and Kane counties.

Baird credits Hain with creating a suite of inmate services programs that reduced opioid overdose deaths among former inmates by 89%, cut recidivism from a six-year average of 49% to 18%, helped reduce crime countywide by 16%. , and saved taxpayers approximately $4.9 million. Kendall County inmates will have access to all of these programs already in place, the news release said.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes on a concept like this to combine correctional centers with the goal of serving those with serious addiction issues and saving our taxpayers millions by regionalizing services,” Hain said. . “In addition, our lateral hiring opportunities will help ensure that Kendall County officers do not find themselves out of work. We are extremely proud to make it happen. »