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KWWSPCA Update: Abandoned Mom and Puppies Back on Track

What a difference four weeks and proper care can make. This young pup was recently found late at night in a ditch in North Kildare with his mother and siblings.

They were all very hungry, dehydrated, suffering from scabies and covered in fleas.

The KWWSPCA animal welfare volunteer took them in and in just four weeks the transformation is amazing.

Trouble, pictured here, is a new dog, just like his mother, Amazon and his sisters. A few weeks of care, affection, good food and veterinary assistance, and this young family is doing well.

Thank you to everyone who helped care for this very special family. Amazon and one of the puppies have already been reserved for foster homes.

Kitty Comfort

One of our volunteers made these beautiful kitten hammocks from materials donated to Noah’s Ark, the KWWSPCA charity shop in Newbridge. The kittens in our shelter love them and spend many hours sleeping and relaxing in them.

They give kittens a nice place to relax and they leave plenty of floor space for kittens to play in.

The KWWSPCA has kittens available for adoption. Please text 089 4588162, email [email protected] or see the website, for more information.


The KWWSPCA would like to thank Irish Dog Foods and Aldi Ireland Ltd for their very generous donation of a large supply of dog treats. These highly nutritious treats were handed out at the KWWSPCA Wag and Bone Show last Sunday and there was enough for ‘everyone in the audience’. This donation was greatly appreciated.

Registered Charity Number: CHY 6280, General Helpline: 087 6887136, Dog Helpline/Rehoming: 087 1279835, Cat Helpline/Rehoming/TNR: 089 4588162, Welfare Officer be animal: 086 1751841, Charity Shop Noah’s Ark: 086 3413017, Email: [email protected] Website:,

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