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Las Vegas: Gambling officials track down jackpot winner who was not notified due to slot machine malfunction, Trending News

A tourist from Las Vegas hit the jackpot but could not be notified due to a slot machine malfunction.

Known as Robert Taylor, the man was tracked down by the Nevada Gaming Control Board after winning $230,000.

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He had played several games at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino slot machine. After noting the defect, the casino staff informed the gaming commission which carried out an exhaustive search.

They combed through hours of surveillance footage, interviewed witnesses and analyzed data provided by the Nevada Transportation Authority’s ride-sharing facility.

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Robert Taylor, originally from Arizona, had returned home after trying his luck at the slot machines in Las Vegas when he thought he had won nothing.

James Taylor, Chief of the Board’s Enforcement Division, said: “The Nevada Gaming Control Board is responsible for the strict regulation of the gaming industry, the protection of the gaming public and the guarantee that the industry benefits the State of Nevada.”

“I commend the officers of the Law Enforcement Division, especially Officer Dan Nuqui, for ensuring that public confidence in the gaming industry remains strong by spending countless hours over two weeks to ensure that a client receives the winnings they are owed,” Taylor said.

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