Mail app and Safari sometimes can’t load content, but I still have network connectivity

Hi, I wasn’t sure if I should post here or on the Apple Silicon Mac subforum, but this sounds more like a Monterey issue.

I have a new MBP16 running Monterey 12.1, and I have a recurring problem that is driving me crazy. The machine will periodically go into a mode where neither nor Safari will load content. If I open an email message from the inbox, the window will show up but no content will show up. And when I’m in this mode, Safari won’t load any content. It crashes trying to load the page as if there is a network failure. And it will hang for 3-5 minutes then spontaneously Mail and Safari resolve. Suddenly, the content starts loading again as if nothing had happened.

Here is the craziest part though: while Safari and Mail are stuck in this mode:

* I can get Safari stuck trying to load, while in a terminal window, ping and getting fast response times.

* I can also load in Firefox and it shows immediately.

So I don’t think it’s a network issue, it seems to have to do with a common resource that renders content for Safari and Mail but not Firefox. Has anyone seen this before? How could I go about debugging this?

Otherwise this machine is amazing but this problem is incredibly annoying. It happens once or twice a day.