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Mayor to reward person who helped track down source of ‘incessant’ electronic music

After a “relentless bass tone” kept hundreds of Richmond City residents in the Bay Area Saturday night late into Sunday morning, Mayor Ted Butt sprang into action – offering a $500 reward to the person who could lead him to the source of the disturbing noise.

“Complaints came in from all over Richmond, San Pablo and El Sobrante,” Butt wrote in a blog post. Publish On the question. “People were so upset that many were driving around in the early hours of the morning looking for the source. There has been a lot of speculation, none of which has come to fruition.

But Mr. Butt and the frustrated citizens of Richmond apparently made short work of the matter. After exploring a number of possibilities, including that the noise originated from an event at the Craneway Pavillion event center or even the Golden Gate Bridge, Mr. Butt was alerted to an event that took place on land vacant along Richmond Parkway.

The event, according to reports from the San Francisco Chronicle, was all-night Brazilian electronic dance music enhanced by high-powered sound equipment. Mr. Butt was able to follow the noise to a specific point: the intersection of Richmond Parkway at Parr Boulevard and Goodrick Avenue at North Richmond.

The result was a loud, relentless bass beat that sent hundreds of people to their neighborhood pages and social media trying to figure out what the sound was and where it came from.

“It turns out that it was an event organized by the aficionados of this particular cultural thing,” Mr. Butt told the the Chronicle. “I don’t know how many people were doing it, but apparently enough to wake everyone up in West Contra Costa County.”

Mr Butt said he had identified the person who would receive the $500 reward for providing information, although he had not yet disbursed the money. The case is not a priority for the Richmond Police Department, although Mr Butt said he contacted the owner of the vacant land where the party took place.