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Moneybase launches new digital payment app and range of cards

Malta-based fintech Moneybase has launched a digital payment app and card issuance platform in partnership with Compass Plus Technologies.

Moneybase is a platform designed to simplify money, offering a range of services from payments to investments. All of its processes have been designed to be customer-centric and fully digital, removing the need for customers to visit a branch or fill out paperwork and allowing an account to be opened in minutes.

The Moneybase app gives its users the ability to send and receive instant P2P payments. It also provides users with a personal IBAN, which allows them to make cross-border transfers to 36 European Union countries (SEPA payments) and gives them the possibility to invest in more than 20,000 stocks, ETFs, funds and bonds. .

Moneybase customers also save when using Moneybase cards thanks to their exchange rates and multi-currency capabilities. Users also have full control of their cards, allowing them to see their card PIN and manage many other security settings, such as freezing a card or setting permissions on transactions commerce, swipe payments and ATM withdrawals. The in-app 3DS2 technology also makes shopping online easier, allowing customers to approve payments within the app itself.

The Moneybase card is offered in physical or virtual form and can be generated instantly, across Europe, to anyone over the age of 18. To launch its new offering, Moneybase selected Compass Plus Technologies because of its ability to provide end-to-end support for its card issuing and processing services, as well as enabling integration with Mastercard. The Moneybase offer is backed by ISO9001 certified human support 7 days a week.