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MSS Mustangs Athletes Post Strong Results at Northern Ontario Track and Field Championships

M’CHIGEENG—Many Manitoulin High School athletes will move on to provincial championships, thanks to their efforts at the 2022 Northern Ontario Secondary Schools Association (NOSSA) Track and Field Championships, which took place held in Sault Ste. Mary May 25-26.

On the first day of competition, the MSS athletes performed very well placing high in the standings with several personal bests set.

Sadie Bridgeman, in the women’s long jump novice category, finished second and set a personal best of 4.14 metres.

Maren Kasunich and Mackenzie Green, two MSS runners in the junior women’s 1,500-metre division, set personal bests. Ms. Kasunich finished first in the race with a time of 5:02.55, while Mackenzie Green placed fourth with a personal best 5:387.21.

Sophie Heitkamp took second place in the senior women’s high jump division, with a jump of 1.49 metres.

Davin Deschênes placed fifth in the junior men’s 400-metre sprint division with a time of 1:00.85.

Brodie Pennie finished third in the junior men’s 1,500 meter division with a personal best 4:36.17.

In the junior men’s discus division, Aiden Case finished fifth.

Two MSS athletes finished first and second respectively in the women’s triple jump, junior division. Annie Balfe took first place with Saraya Eshkawkogan second.

Xavier Mara set a personal best, 4:40.77, to finish third in the men’s 1,500-metre novice division.

On day two of competition, in the women’s 200-metre novice division, Sadie Bridgeman finished third, while on the men’s side, Rhyis Arthurs finished fourth.

The novice women’s 800 meters saw Autumn Davy finish in 10th place, while on the men’s side, Xavier Mara finished 12th.

Xavier finished third in the men’s 1,500 meter novice division. He also finished third in the men’s 3,000 meter novice division.

Deea Peltier of Wasse-Abin High School (Wiikwemkoong) finished second in the women’s high jump novice division.

MSS athletes Rhyis Arthurs and Cash Duchene placed eighth and ninth in the men’s long jump novice division.

Tessa Merrylees finished 13th in the women’s triple jump novice division, while Cash Duchene finished fourth in the men’s division.

In the junior women’s 100 meter sprint division, Brooke Gibeault finished fifth. Brooke finished eighth in the junior women’s 200-metre division.

In the junior women’s 400 meter division, Annie Balfe finished second with Morgan Green finishing eighth.

Davin Deschênes finished third in the men’s 400-metre junior division.

Maren Kasunich finished second in the junior women’s 800 meter division, with Mackenzie Green fourth.

Brodie took first place in the junior men’s 800-metre division, while Maren was first and Mackenzie fourth in the women’s. The latter two set personal bests with Maren finishing with a time of 5:02.55 and Mackenzie posting a personal best of 5:38.21

Brodie finished third in the junior men’s 1,500 metres.

In the junior women’s 3,000 meter division, Maren finished first and Mackenzie third.

Brodie placed fourth in the junior men’s 3,000 meter division.

Morgan Green finished fourth in the junior women’s high jump division. The men’s division saw Davin Deschenes finish second and Devin Legg sixth.

In the women’s junior long jump division, Brooke Gibeault was third and Annie Balfe fifth.

Devin finished seventh in the junior men’s long jump division.

Two MSS athletes finished first and second, Annie Balfe and Saraya Eshkawkogan, respectively, in the junior women’s triple jump division.

Aiden Case finished 13th in the junior division men’s shot put and fifth in the men’s discus throw. He finished fifth in the men’s javelin throw.

Alan Wilkin finished sixth in the senior men’s 800-metre division.

Jack Pennie finished ninth in the senior men’s 400-metre hurdles.

Sophie Heitkamp finished second in the senior women’s high jump and women’s long jump. She took first place in the senior women’s triple jump.

Jared Cortes finished ninth in the senior men’s triple jump division.

The open race of the MSS men’s 4×400 meters relay took sixth place. The team consisted of TJ Green, Davin Deschênes, Brodie Pennie and Andrew Cooper.

Athletes who finish first in their event will advance to the provincial championships, which will be held at York University from June 2-4.