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Murtaza was trying to develop a jihadist app

The investigation into the accused of the Gorakhnath temple attack, Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi, revealed that he was trying to develop a “jihadist application” at the request of terrorist groups.

Earlier, Abbasi confessed to carrying out the attack as he was unhappy with the harassment of Muslims through the law amending citizenship law, national register of citizens, hijab issue, etc.

Well-placed sources said that during Abbasi’s quiz, it emerged that he was designing a “jihadi app” named “Jarima” at the request of ultra outfits.

The word “Jarima” in Arabic means oppression.

Abbasi used to exchange messages through the Pir2Pir application to design this jihadist application in Arabic, which was frequently used by Islamic ultras.

The purpose of the application was to connect those people who wanted to follow the path of jihad or who felt that Muslims were oppressed. For this, Abbasi received help from terrorists.

After completing a course in chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, Abbasi also took a course in application development.

The investigation also highlighted a “honey trap” angle.

We learn that Abbasi’s penchant for radical thought began with an email, which came from a girl in an ISIS camp in Syria. Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi told interrogators that he also transferred money several times to the girl’s account. He was also preparing to surrender to the terrorist group ISIS.

Abbasi revealed that the girl from an Islamic State camp in Syria sent an email along with his picture and promised to meet him in India. In turn, Abbasi sent him Rs 40,000. They started communicating via email and thus Abbasi came in contact with ISIS terrorists. It is also said that he was about to travel to Syria via Nepal.