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NBR to introduce DEDO pay app to resolve refund requests

The National Revenue Board (NBR) Duty Exemption and Drawback Office (DEDO) is to introduce the Dedopay online refund application to quickly resolve taxpayer refund claims online.

In this regard, the DEDO website has already been launched. This application will be integrated directly into the DEDO website, reports BSS.

DEDO Managing Director, Mohammad Belal Hossain Chowdhury, said that Dedopay is a platform for reimbursing amount to affected stakeholders and taxpayers quickly and seamlessly online.

“The main purpose of such an application is to provide relevant data and services to online claimants after analyzing the nature of the claim for reimbursement.

Although it takes more than a week to refund the amount to the taxpayers in the traditional method, but with such an application, it would be possible to resolve the refund requests within a day or even an hour,” he said. added.

Belal informed that each user of the application will have a unique ID and after submitting their application, a message will be sent to the designated email or OTP to the relevant mobile numbers.

Also, local or foreign applicants would be able to know the latest status of their applications through the respective tracking number.

In addition to attending petitions from foreign organizations, such an application could also be used to conduct the operations of DEDO officials. Designated DEDO officials can formulate claim supporting documents, review VAT supporting documents online, prepare automated note sheets, and make instant refund-related decisions using this application.

In addition, following the application, it would be possible to examine the data to comply with the mandatory provision to request reimbursement requests within six months. As a result, there will remain no possibility to request an expired refund request.

It will also be possible to use artificial intelligence via the application.

Belal informed that by using the DEDO app, it would be easy to perfectly review all documents of claimants for reimbursement claims.

DEDO was established in 1987 to promote the country’s export industries. Apart from resolving refund claims from local businesses, DEDO also resolves VAT refund claims from United Nations and foreign agencies operating in Bangladesh alongside diplomatic missions and embassies.

Some 26,000 reimbursement requests from foreign organizations have been resolved in the last two months by DEDO.