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NT Games ‘Barbarian Merge’ Update Patch Complete

NT Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jong-Beom) announced that a large-scale update is being applied to its own mobile game, “Barbarian Merge”

  • Ongoing participation event to earn various rewards
  • Massive addition of new equipment for the protagonist Barbarian

“Barbarian Merge” is a game in the idle RPG genre, adding RPG elements to the “merger” game. Players can experience the adventure of Barbarian defeating demons and getting stronger in a chaotic world where the portal to hell is open. The main Barbarian character constantly acquires new equipment to counter new threats and hardens against them. In this game, players can also see how their competition with other players is going.

This large-scale update mainly includes a variety of new items and level cap expansion. As a supplement to the existing equipment, a new set of equipment has been added on a large scale, expanding Barbarian’s wearable equipment selection to 300 types. The Barbarian’s level cap has also been extended to 99, which comes with a new mission for users to complete. Additionally, a new Raid boss monster is included to provide more refreshing content for users.

Along with this huge update patch, “Barbarian Merge” will also host various events for users to benefit from. New and current users can earn participation rewards for 20 days and a special login event for 7 days. With this event, users can obtain various items such as special costume parts that can be combined as costume items that “the Archer”, a partner of Barbarian can equip.

‘Barbarian Merge’ is a mobile casual RPG that launched its global service on May 10, 2022. The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. NT Games, the game developer and service company, has announced that it plans to regularly update game elements such as renewing the PVP system and adding new modes.

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