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NT Games launches global service for “Barbarian Merge”

Barbarian Fusion

NT Games (CEO Lee Jong-beom) has announced the launch of a global service for the internally developed mobile game “Barbarian Merge”.

‘Barbarian Merge’ is a casual RPG that adds elements of a fusion game to the revival-like neglect genre. Players will explore as a growing barbarian defeating demons in a dizzying world where the portals of hell have opened. The main character, the Barbarian, can grow with the items obtained by defeating the devil and become stronger by obtaining new equipment.

Characters appearing in the game are implemented in retro and cute style pixel art. With high quality pixel art, the character’s basic design and splendid skills have been drawn in different ways. The main features of the game include a fast pace of character growth and a unique gameplay style to help the player become immersed in the game.

“Barbarian Merge” basically introduced the form of a fusion game that combines equipment of the same form. With the goods collected after defeating the devil, the player can produce equipment. By synthesizing equipment of the same level, higher level equipment can be obtained. Players can also learn various skills and use them to become stronger and defeat demons faster.

Players can enjoy a variety of modes, such as a story mode where they can grow a barbarian. In a raid mode, players can fight great demons. In a PVP mode, players can compete with other users. There are also various mini-games, such as a board game where you can acquire additional goods or a timed action game where you can upgrade your equipment.

NT Games is holding various events to celebrate the global gaming service. The “Dice Game”, which makes it easier for you to acquire the goods that can make the Barbarian stronger, comes with the launch, and the “Presence Event” will also take place where players log in and acquire various goods and objects every day.

‘Barbarian Merge’ will launch its service on April 19, 2022. The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. More detailed information can be found on the official ‘Barbarian Merge’ Facebook page.

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