Mail merge

Overwatch 2 players can now merge accounts to get their old gear

Before Monitor 2From launch on October 4, the developers tell us how to take advantage of the game’s progression system.

If you play Surveillance Across multiple platforms, starting today, you’ll have the option to merge separate accounts, allowing you to share any in-game cosmetics you’ve earned as well as progress for the upcoming Battle Pass-like system . You can check step by step instructions and FAQ here.

Be warned: if you have multiple accounts on the same console (you know, for all those Roadhog bf / Junkrat gf households), you can only merge one account, so make sure you choose the correct one. According to the FAQ, you will be able to unlink a console account from your account but will not be able to add a new console account for a full year.

In the perspective of Monitor 2, the original game undergoes fundamental changes. At the end of Surveillance Remix Vol. 3 on August 30, loot boxes from the game will be officially removed. You’ll still be able to earn them as rewards in the game’s many upcoming challenges. OW2will be launched when they are no longer available, but they will no longer be available for purchase. Additionally, any unopened loot boxes will have their contents automatically added to your account. Blizzard hasn’t shared when this will happen, so if you wake up one day and see a ton of new cosmetics in your bank, surprise! Surveillance Credits (currency with which you can purchase cosmetics) and Overwatch League Tokens (with which you can purchase OWL-specific skins) will be transferred to Monitor 2but in the case of tokens, they will be phased out in favor of a new virtual currency not yet revealed.

There’s still a little time to get old Surveillance before the game was merged and irrevocably changed to Monitor 2 October 4. Unfortunately there will be no third beta as we close out the final months before release. If you missed those betas, you can at least get some idea of ​​what the game will look like watching some Overwatch League.