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Perry County mail server hacked | News

PERRY COUNTY – At the Perry Council meeting on March 24, Annie Hines showed up with Air Evac in Breckinridge County.

It’s an air ambulance service. They had a base 93 years ago and have now expanded to 300 bases. There is a new program that the company says will benefit county employees. What Hines proposed was a paid benefit that would cover all employees and their families.

The county would pay $6,500 to provide this benefit to employees. The client could be vacationing in Tennessee and still running away if necessary. It is a membership and not an insurance.

The company is covering the costs of what could be a $40,000 theft. There would be no expense coming out of the employee’s pocket. The regime of the senses is only an employee’s station. After long discussions the council filed before the motion of intent.

The floor was opened to the public and Citizen Greg Jarboe came forward to discuss ARP funds. Jarboe came forward to ask for a resolution that the city council ensure funds will be to take the remaining funds and turn them over so they are available for programs the committee would like to use the funds for what is trying to be established .

Jarboe would also like to see that there would be boarding packages for committees so that new members are allowed to be trained in the laws and how to conduct a meeting. Wagner and Associates is the group that this runs through. There will be associated costs, but Jarboe believes it will be worth it. It was just a suggestion.

The next part of the meeting was the transfer of funds, additional credits.

• $15,000 was approved to be transferred from the salary of the 7th officer to a part-time officer.

• $4,788 was approved to be transferred from a seasonal employee to a part-time mechanic.

• An amount of $11,280 was approved for the upgrade of security systems at the Sheriff’s office and the jail.

• $5,222.34 was approved for drug-free education and prevention, treatment and intervention, and law enforcement justice, or $20,889.37. This is an annual membership fee.

• $4,400 was approved for the Perry County Attorney’s Diversion Fund. An individual has been accused of having had sexual relations with a child. The prisoner was arrested in Nevada. Because of the charge, the county was asking that the man be brought back to the county through a service that would bring the person back for arrest and trial in Perry County.

• $8,1720.50 has been approved for the ARP-2021 CORONAVIRUS Local Tax Fund.

The next item on the agenda was the intention to use data pitstop software in the auditor’s office. Jarboe said the service helps with data, inventory, assets and things Pam Goffinet needs to do. This is the first year this has been used, but it’s a starting point. It’s more than software, it comes with a service. The intention was approved.

The next items were the discussion on ARP funds. When it first came out there was a formula and when the formula was calculated it showed the county could recoup the full $1.8 million. The department didn’t want to do that. This is why $1.2 million had been set aside for the grant. That left $661,677. They took out computers, software and a community foundation from their treasurer, leaving $292,504.50.

Soon there will be things that they will not know where the funds will come from. The board would like to go back and ask the ARP committee to recover the remaining amount of $292,504.50. The money will stay there and be withdrawn as needed.

Jarboe stepped forward stating that it was rather complex. When the numbers have been executed, the amount is dialed. They had decided not to take the full amount at the time, but Jarboe suggests they take the pending funding and stick it to county funding. This could eliminate the burden. With this potential comes either benefit or risk. Jarboe wants to make sure that if the benefit is put in the county that there will be something to indicate that the ARP committee’s suggestions will still be heard. There was a motion that a resolution be written and approved the next time the committee meets.

Next on the agenda was discussion of a secure cloud base for email. Jarboe said a cyber threat actor compromised Perry County’s mail server on Tuesday despite using multi-factor authentication and regular software updates. These are widely considered industry best practices.

After the service was compromised, it was used to spear Perry County employees. According to the Internet, spear phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to trick targeted individuals into revealing confidential information.

In this situation, there was a suspicious attachment that is being scanned. The server was immediately shut down. There were concerns that residents and employees were exposed to cyberattacks. The server will be shut down until it is fixed. The FBI is currently investigating phishing.

Jarboe asks that they go cloud-based. This will allow more security. It will cost approximately over $5,760 per year. Motion carried to approve recommendation to move to cloud.