Mail merge

PlantBased and Vegan Life merge with Vegan Food & Living

We are thrilled to announce that this week Prime Impact and Anthem Publishing have reached an agreement to merge herbal and vegan life magazines in Anthem’s Vegan food and life to create a bigger and stronger magazine and website.

As the vegan movement has grown and the publishing industry as a whole has evolved, we decided that the brands will be stronger together and better able to serve you and the vegan community, with one voice in stores and online.

Existing subscribers of vegan life and herbal magazines have already been contacted and will continue to be sent Vegan food and life for the remainder of their subscription. They also have the added benefit of having access to the digital archive containing every issue of Vegan food and life ever published – featuring over 5,500 delicious vegan recipes. Subscribers with questions should email [email protected]

For many years, Vegan food and life, vegan life and herbal all shared a mission to help educate people about veganism, from how to start your vegan journey, to how to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in your diet, and exciting new products you’ll want maybe try. This will continue to be our driving force and we look forward to welcoming readers of herbal and vegan life magazines and websites to our family.

In addition to vegan life and herbal, Vegan food and life will also support the publication of the Vegan Trade Journal, which connects and informs members of the vegan business community. We welcome advertisers from vegan life, herbal and Vegan Trade Journal to contact Megan Gibbings to discuss how we can help give our new combined audiences the best exposure to your vegan products and services.

Our desire has always been to help grow and develop the vegan movement with a voice of support and encouragement. We believe this merger of four strong vegan brands will really help push that forward and provide us with exciting new opportunities to support the vegan community. We hope you are as enthusiastic about it as we are.

Advertising – [email protected]
Subscriptions – [email protected]